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Meet me in St Louis.....hotel

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While waiting in the Chicago bus station ( is another tramp story) i'm walking back from filling up my water bottle and i see this little man with tatty clothes, no teeth, very dirty and on a zimmerframe making a bee line for me....he says "i'm not a bum or anything but can i have some money" IF YOUR NOT WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME FEEL BAD AND ASKING FOR MONEY!!!!
So were on another greyhound trip which is Chicago to St Louis....during which a man gets on with a sling on his arm. He starts telling some people how he had been shot in St Louis and how people hang around the bus station to rob people....OH COME ON!!!! Were going to St Louis bus station, you've gotta pick your moment mr!! 
A painless trip and we arrive in St Louis going past the Arch Way which is the main attraction to St Louis (it was built to represent the gateway to the west)...looked just like the millenium bridge on the quayside but had no purpose because it is on land, nice tho!
We head to get the train to our accomodation which is next to the airport, when we get on there is this old man trying to chat up this young girl, who was saying she was 15 and she wasn't happy..i was thinking that i might have to get up and tell him to stop being a scary perve but luckily she moved down the train.....ewww he was well creepy! Then the woman behind me let out this almighty sneeze which made me jump and scream a tad, i turned round and she didn't even crack a smile...SOME PEOPLE!!!!
So after a rather uncomfortable train journey (in the mental sense) our little set of direction that we made told us we should get off at terminal 1...we left terminal 2 seeing the hotel that we were staying at but it was across a very busy freeway so when we got to terminal 1 we were gonna wait and get off there but we were in "we are lost land" some lady pops her head in the carriage and says you do know this is the last stop...we explain our predicament so she says i can help you and tells us to follow! Yay to you lady...on the way she picks up another couple of women who were also lost. These two women looked liked an older couple of with glasses and hair with two different colours and the other was a little round lady who looked like the little kid from UP and she was as excitable as a tiny puppy, she was bouncing everywhere without leaving the floor of course! So i started chatting to them as we followed our tour guide noticing they both had the same t-shirts on and crosses on their bags, hmmmm?? she was talking about this singer who was all about women, so i piped up with a who needs men comment, she replies with  "WE NEED THEM", then i find out they have been to a god convention earlier in the gaydar is sooo off over here...they were what we call feminists i think? They were very nice tho and excited by what we were doing...little round one was bouncing "you keeping a journal".."were doing a blog"..."COOOOL" (she was all wide eyed and couldnt keep still) Our lovely free tour guide got us a shuttle to our hotel and then left by shouting "rock on!" 
St Louis definatly came at the right time, need to recharge the batteries...were going to have a day in this en-suite, private room and since weve already seen the Arch on the bus i think we are set! I LOVE ST LOUIS!
Total bonus we get a free breakfast at the local pancake house across the road with our room....ham, sausage,egg and pancakes, AMAZZZING!!!
So we have our second FREE breakfast then go back in the airport shuttle but there is not enough seats so i share a seat with this old woman right next to the door, we have a little chat as we have become so intimate so quickly...the car stops and the door slides open and i go butt first and the door keeps going back and forwards getting caught on my bootie...i'm shouting "it's stuck on my ass" and my new friend is like "you don't have much of a butt to get stuck" WOHOOOO...she was blind though (just kidding but she was a large lady so small to her i guess!) We head back on the metro, Sam waits at the bus station while i have a little tour of St Louis and try to find a badge. 
Were now on the greyhound ready to head to Memphis while some lady has just changed her kids nappy in the seat behind us....ewwwww!! 
Elvis here we come....


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