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Hey Hey 

After our 16 hour trip on the Greyhound to Chicago, the bus was full of strange people on this bus this time - a drag queen who ept saying (take me back to New York) an old fat lady with no teeth who you didnt want to make eye contact with as she kept swearing at the top of her voice and saying she hated kids! A mexican family with a little baby who gave Sarah a hacky look in the toilets when she let them past (and the baby wouldnt stop crying at like 3 AM - we dont usually get mad at babies but my god it went through you). We make a change at Cleveland, Ohio at 4AM and there are kids running about, sliding on their knees shouting "IM A ROCK STAR". Our bus is 2 hours late BUT being Greyhound they dont tell you anything about what is going on but we eventually get to Chicago at 12pm in the afternoon and our hostel is relatively close to the bus terminal in Greek Town. Real nice area! The guy lets us in our room early and the place is the nicest we have stayed yet, he was very helpful and told us which bus to get and where to go and see. We went to get the bus for the Chicago Cubs game and asked the bus driver to let us know when to get off! He tells us - "Why is everybody asking me questions today, i have only ever done this route twice" SO then a very helpful American lady helped us to find Wrigley Field. We get to Wrigley Field Stadium and the place is packed (its a Friday afternoon) We walked up to the stadium and this guy asks us if we want tickets, I say how much and we get them for $10 each.I have never bought off a ticket tout in my life but oh well theres a first for everything! Sarah says if they were real and if not she woud come back and find him! Haha! We got in fine though and paid less than what it said on the ticket so we were happy! We werent really looking forward to the game as both of us had been to baseball games before and thought that they were pretty dull. But we got into it and everyone around us were drinking and being Merry! We talk to this American guy and he explains some rules and we really get into it high fiving everyone at the 8th inning  they put on the big screen an actor called Martin Sheen (Queenan off the Departed) started singing a cubs song with everyone on there feet - its was brilliant and made everyone really happy..The guys who explained the rules left so we left just after them and the score was 3-1, as soon as we got outside the scoreboard read 3-3 and we were gutted we had left  BUT the cubs won 4-3 in the end which was good! 

We then decide to venture to the zoo but on our way we see that there is a college womens soccer game going on - we sit for a little while BUT end up staying for the whole thing which was fun to see! After the games today it was starting to get windy in the 'windy' city and we went to look for the Marilyn Monroe statue on Michigan Avenue. We went back to our lovely hostel (the best one we have stayed in) for an early night as our 16 hour bus ride was eventually catching up with us! Oh and we had our first taco bell of the trip which i was very happy about.  

Currently in St Louis chilling out.....................


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