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The Beautiful Falls and some tac...

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No real sightings of Tramps in Toronto except the one that shook his tin at Sam but then in the bus station a young guy came round asking for money, i didn't really get the story but i am getting so good at saying NO. Bus ride from Toronto was pretty quick, we arrived at our hostel and there was a clock on the door saying back at 2.30 it was 1.45...that called for a bit of kick about in the street while being amazed at all the black squirrels...yes people i said black, wow! The woman arrived got changed and we were off to the falls. OK now for my rant...the falls are just such a natural beauty that are hard to imagine or explain and what do they do in the strip of streets...turn it into absolute tack!!! It is full of things like house of horrors, a giant Frankenstein eating a Burger King, a giant King Kong...basically blackpool!! Don't get me wrong i love tack but there should be a law against having such a naturally beautiful thing and destroying should be full of little boutiques and quaint restaurants. AMEN!!
This morning i woke up first on the bottom bunk so i could here Sam getting up on the top bunk and could tell instantly she had woke up in a bit grumpy gills kind of way so i said "you ok hunny?" she was like "NO THAT BLOODY WOMAN KEPT ME UP ALL NIGHT SOUNDING LIKE A DINOSAUR!!" (she had already gone for breakfast....bloody french) I didn't hear a thing,hehe! Also what a scary place, sure we heard abit of denomic activity going on at some point!! Sam had some breakfast and a shower and was in a better fettle so we headed for the Falls again. Sat ourselfs on a bank at a great view of the falls and just watched the view and the world go by. After some time relaxing we went to take some funny photos by the view of the falls by the road. One of mine being the heel click which i had to practice, doing it away from the wall and towards the road i really went for it and as i did a car with the window down was going past slowly for the view taking i assume...i got up really quite high so to the woman in the passenger seat it must of looked like i was going to karate kick through the totally scared the life out of her and she made this noise, "uhhhhh" totally brilliant!!  We went back up to tack land and thought as we'd been doing really well with spending little on food and having Canadian dollars left to get rid of we would go for a meal, after about 10places well over budget....Well Wendys it is then and very nice it was too. We went up the top of the hill for a walk and ran into an amazing view of the Falls where not many people knew about which always makes it more special and finished off going down this huge hill, my shoes lack grip so i fell on my booty...PADDING!! Then Sam went for the old roll too the bottom...DIZZY!!
O.K people second rant of the we have basically been wasting time all day at the falls just to wait for our bus at 9.30 which has 2 transfers. So we mosey on up at 8 to the bus station, sam says to the VERY GRUMPY AND UNHELPFUL man...what gate is our bus. Last one left 30mins ago even tho it had all the info on the internet! WHATTT??? we sit for 2nd to think?? We have to get a taxi to the bridge in Niagra that cost $10 for a 5min drive and as nice as the taxi man was he did find our predicament very funny and said that it was a scary place on the other side of the bridge...i was in high squeeky annoyed voice  by now!!! We have to walk across the bridge (i get to see the falls at night, bonus but didn't seem to care) we get to the border control...i say to the man "can i ask a question?" answer mine first then when i ask how to get there...he doesn't know. We go across the street to the help centre, 2 people do not know...we then run into a taxi, it will cost $60, i dont have that money, where is the bus to Buffalo..he says there is no bus!! I'm not falling for that shit mr. I see another shop and ask a woman in there (yes at last a woman) she finally points us in the right direction and the bus we have to get but it takes 50mins, we have a transfer to make! We get to the right street and not sure what side but run into a lovely woman who helps us with how much($1.75 each, bargain), how long and which side! We get the bus which seems to take a life time as we don't know if were gonna make our bus. We arrive and we have made it and i tell the greyhound lady my story and she says that there is a bus at Niagara and last one leaves at 10 from there!! I SWEAR I AM GONNA GO BACK TO NIAGAGRA AND KICK THAT MAN IN THE SHINS!!!!! But we are here and ready for our journey to Chicago, phewwww!! Sam is currently writing a strongly worded letter about that man!!!
16 hour bus journey and we have arrived in Chicago....


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