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Bus from Montreal to Toronto was pretty painless and when we got off we had about a 15min walk, which is ok notrmally but with the bags always adds stress when you don't quite know where your staying and as soon as Sam puts that rucksack on she goes in crabby mode,hehe! So we arrive at pur China town hostel, so we get there...pretty puffed out and she makes wait outside while she security checks us. OK were clear and we are shown to our box room that is one of those soul sucking kick of rooms but luckily had a t.v. We weren't sleepin on beds either, i think they were slabs of rock,hehe! So we get ourselves at nights sleep ready for touring Toronto.
I had a super bad nights sleep... so unfortunatly woke up like a sad seal feeling not quite myself (i was not in angry attack mode tho just sad seal) So as we walked around i was feeling rather sorry for myself but Sam continued to laugh at me! one of my issues was it was bin day and i said "bin day stinks" The day picked up when we went up the CN tower, which is 558 meters high and takes you 58seconds in a pretty quick with windows lift, pretty scary! The views were amazing and we had fun trying to get some good pics. So after that we headed up to down town where there was lots of street preformers and entertainment...some guy doing tricks with the football, he was amazing. At one point there was a group of people waiting outside a hotel as there was a limo waiting but we got bored after 10mins but i believe it will haunt me...who was it?? Then we finished our day in the chinese markets getting stuff for dinner, some interesting smells! On route back to the hostel some guy screams "JESUS" in my face then hands me a leaflet on the 10 commandments, i felt obliged to take it! (God must have gave him a sign)
Then that was it...get a good night sleep ready for the bus to Niagara!
Oh the bus times were not working for the Grand Canyon so we have booked to stay in a motel on route 66 and we have rented a car for the day as the shuttle is more expensive, crazy stuff! But yay that's gonna be fun!


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