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Bonjour Montreal

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We left the lovely city of Boston and headed to the Canadian border - we arrived in Montreal after getting an extra stamp inour passports at the border! After getting a wee bit lost looking for the Alexandrie - Montreal hostel we got there in time for Sangria night although we didnt have any Canadian dollars yet so couldnt really particpate in the evening but the atmosphere was good in there! Our room mate Anna - Sophia or as Sarah liked to call her Anna - Louise was French - Canadian and was telling us all the ins and outs of Montreal and Quebec. 

We got up bright and early and headed for a stroll, we stopped for a coffee and watched some sport as we havent kept up to date with the premiership! It was nice to just chill in a sports bar.....We then found a park with a pond and sat in the sun - Samantha got a tad burnt (when will i learn?) We found poundlands alternative 'DOLLARAMA' i felt as though i needed to say it in an australian accent though! As it is freshers week here for university we walked down to see the artists / acts and bands. There was a family of 3 on stilts it was hilarious Sarah and i ended up walking away as nobody else seemed to think it was funny, The guy was trying to pick up this girl BUT couldnt and then went into this solo freestyle that mimicked the infamous 'geordie dancer' from Lanchester club. There was also a queue of people waiting to walk under different types of rainfall to be able to hear the different types of rain sounds - VERY BIZARRE! We walked along to the main stage where there was a french band that sounded a little like the magic numbers. People watching in Montreal should become a sport we saw a guy who was soooo drunk and staggering around and then the other corner of our eue was THE most intense couple in the world. They were stood facing each other for the entire set and they had their own dance....

There were a few giant chess games going on and the city seemed to have a really great buzz about it. We were going to try and go to Quebec city but our discovery pass on the Greyhound didnt go up to Quebec and we would of had to pay extra (which we didnt want to do). So we stayed in Montreal - speaking fluent French (NOT) Sarah asked for directions and the guy turned around and said whilst pointing his finger - I do NOT understand YOU....hahaha Needless to say she continued to talk and we got our answer! 

There is a Tam Tam festival every Sunday in Mount Royal Park so we headed up there after visiting Old Montreal - it just looks like you are in France with all the market stalls and buildings. We saw some guys and girls doing some free running and then we headed for the festival which is a musical / dance festival. We get up to the park but cant seem to get across the road 0 so we can see the festival, hear it but just cant get to it as there is a mass cycling race on throughout the city - we watched that for all of 3 minutes as a cycling race isnt too exciting to watch! We decided to go and play some football 'soccer' and then joined in with lots of blokes in the park. We played fuuusball for about 2 hours until our bare feet couldnt take it anymore, alot of them turned up with boots and shin pads (weirdfor a kick about in the park) but we had fun! 

Again got on the greyhound this morning and have arrived in Toronto - going to try and get to watch a sports game or something and also do our washing as our bags are starting to smell!!!!!!!!!!!! ---- hope your all ok.....

Lots of Love

Sam & Sarah xxxxxxx


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