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We had to stop off at New York bus station to get our bus to Boston. We had got stuck in New York traffic so had to get the later bus to Boston which meant we didn't get in till 12.30!! While at the bus station a lovely big black lady (yes another tramp) with bright pink lipstick all over her face practically, she kindly asked Sam for a $1 and sam replied "no sorry" so she then proceeded to call Sam a "mother f**king bitch" and spat in her general direction. Then Sam popped off to make a phone call leaving me with the wrath of this slightly crazy lady saying ever so lovely things....i actually feared for my life,hehehe! So we escaped death and got the bus to Boston. Arriving we had to get a rush on as the last subway stopped at 1am but we made it but got lost looking for Megans, Sam went to get directions in the gas station but behind the big thick glass and with sams little voice got the reply of "HUH??" So then used the payphone to call megan. While she was going through all that i was standing watching the bags and minding my own business when yes ladies and gents another tramp stopped to talk to me and this one was also drunk...oh dear. Do you have a cigarette? No sorry i dont smoke...thats a good choice! What part of Ireland do you come from?? 1 in the morning after hours of travelling and in the middle of no where, good times. It finished that she shook my hand and her name was Kate. No swearing or spitting,phew! Sam got off the phone and luckily we were just on the wrong side of the street, we had wrote the address 314 instead it was 341, DOH!!! hehe! Poor Megan but she was so nice even at that ungodly hour and off we all went to bed.

So after that eventful journey we got up and headed to Boston for a day of touring the city and hitting starbucks for a spot of free wifi. We asked the local tour guide where the free tour was and she said ever so nicely "you can walk yourself" and thrusted a map our way,hehe! We ended up going on the Freedom trail around Boston and up to Charles Town going around Boston habour. It Was a really nice city, Sam liked it alot and the people seemed nice, i even stopped to talk to a local fisherman casting his rod on CharlesTown Bridge, he had not caught anything yet!  We went USS constitution where we had to show our ID to have a look around the ship, a tad random and i did ask why and was it because someone might try to sail off with the 18th Century ship...the Navy lady was not amused. We got ourselves our dinner from Quincy Market which was lots of different stalls with all kinds off food, me and Sam shared a chilli dog and 2slices of pizza, we know how to live it up. After a long day of walking around and Sam again bored of my endless history question, that she swears she has already informed me about. we headed back to Megans to get a night sleep before the next bus trip.

Me and Sam are currently on the bus to Montreal...

x x x x


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