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The El Capital....Washington DC

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So we said our goodbyes to our lovely New York host Duda and headed to buy our month long Greyhound tickets! The bus was packed and people didn't know where to sit and some woman is shouting "there's no seat numbers...JUST SIT DOWN!!" Always a good start, journey was a 4hour breeze, i think i was excited for the first part of our big bus tour. Then things started to get crazy...we have no idea where to go and all we have is a piece of paper saying Benning Road, we get directions for the nearest bus stop and first bus comes...were on the wrong side. We head across the street, by now well feeling the heavyness of our rucksacks on the back and front. Seeing a pattern of the area, it seemed to be 90% black people and 10% whatever else. The bus was ramed and were knocking people out with our bags and the bus lady says Benning Road so we get off but Benning Road is BLOODY LONG!! Me and Sam white as snow and with rucksacks bigger than my ass walking through what could only be described as the ghetto...Sams saying "were sticking out like sore thumbs" We eventually reach our hostel...greeted by a man resembling a white Lionel Richie and the place is hot, dirty and were sharing a top bunk in a room of 4 people and we are sweaty, tired and hungry. After all that whats everyone thinking, Sarah must have had a right grump but no i was totally loving and Sam was all irritable,hehehe...what the hell!! 

After a good nights sleep we headed to Washington, again riding the X2, which now has to be the most entertaining bus to ride on ever,hehe! People shouting about how they hate lorries, people singing, children asking their mam with headphones in if she buying him lots of hats and much more. White house first destination, can only be described as smaller that Buckingham Palace and of course lots of NOT so secret service hanging around. The Lincoln memorial was great but the reflection pool was without reflection it was full of mud and diggers. We walked around seeing lots of memorials for different wars, poor Sam was sick of her life with my endless stupid questions!! On the path was lots of squirrels and being an animal lover i called him over, he came and i think expected food so when i went to stroke him he nearly chewed my hand off,SQUIRREL!!!! As it was raining and being tourist that we are we had shorts and t-shirts on so we headed for some free museum the holocaust and natural history. Holocaust was huge, we were there for 3hours, very interesting but always thought provoking. More upbeat natural history with lots of animal facts and we even got to go in the butterfly house for free,yay! By now we were pretty cold and all historied out so we headed back to our swanky pad!!

We get up and head out of our hostel saying bye to Lionel stopping by the shop to get some food for the bus and get caught in a bloody rain storm, at one point the lightening flashed and a big bellow of thunder straight away....i have never heard a sound like it, i froze to the spot and did a squirrel like pose like when you walk past them to Sam amusement. We got to the greyhound station totally soaked from head to toe, my pants are still drying 4hours later!! We are now on the Peter Pan bus making our way to Boston.

Sorry for the long blog...hope i didn't put you all to sleep and hoping that your all well.

Lots of Love Sarah and Sam x x

P.s we have booked al our accomodation for the next month, were doing 2nights in each place then a greyhound to the next destination...The route is:

  • Boston
  • Montreal
  • Toronto/Niagra Falls
  • Chicago
  • St Louis 
  • Memphis
  • Dallas
  • Albuquque (i have no idea!!)
  • Phoenix
  • Grand Canyon
  • Las Vegas
  • L.a
  • San Francisco

If anyone has any ideas of things to do in these places please feel free to let us know!



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The USA and Canada

New York, Washington DC, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Chicago, St Louis, Memphis, Dallas, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, L.A, San Franciso, USA