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The big Apple...

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We needed to get our Greyhound ticket before our day started in New York.... big line and one woman at the desk, always gonna be fun! So we've got a big mamma shouting about how CRAZY it all is, a tramp couple having a tiff, she calls him a f**king c**k sucker and he laughs and says she feisty, some woman runs to the front of the queue shouting i'm so sorry but the bus about to go and i've had a death in my family, can i push in....it was all happening, great fun! The rest of the day was spent seeing the main strip of New York and leaving the PAC Man mark. We made sure we kept our cost to a minimum as i pretended to argue with Buzz light year while Sam grabbed a quick shot so we didn't have to pay the $1. We hit Central Park and relaxed by the pier reading while people were doing yoga and running. i am becoming fond of the relaxed lifestyle!

Today we had an epic journey walking along the pier to the staten Island ferry so we could see Miss Liberty on the way stopping off at the high line which was a train Track which was gonna be tore down but a couple of gays protested and made it all arty, very nice! Loved the ferry, it was free and youjust go to Staten Island and get back on the ferry and see a lovely view of the Lady L. Then we headed up through China Town, little Italy and Soho, i'm pretty Sure i don't need to see China now, it was like we were there! Sam did think that i had been stolen a one point and got a tad worried but i had just crossed the street,hehehe! 

Hope all is well gang,

Love Sarah and Sam x x


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