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Arriving in NYC

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Hey All

Soo we get ot London Heathrow and pretty chuffed we have been upgraded to World Traveller Plus - we are in the fast track queue at boarding (where everyone thinks your REALLY rich) if only they knew when we go to to the man at the end of line he asked us if we would like to travel business class today! We immediately said yes, we turned LEFT on a plane.....SOOOO exciting i kept saying to Sarah in her ear (act like you belong acto like you belong). There was only 5 rows of seats and we were pretty much facing each other so we didnt have to twist our heads to speak, 3 course meal champagne whenever and a lye down bed with a movable tv headset and drawers for storage....It was the most refreshing flight we have both endured!


We get let off the plane first so no lines for immigration and head to get our bus to Manhattan where we would get another bus to New Jersey through the Lincoln tunnel we go and then our stop is pretty much 2 mins later...We get off the bus to the sounds of puerta rican music blaring, it was great, we found our apartment where we are staying and it is really nice. Duda is tunisian and she rents out rooms to people like us, there are 2 german girls staying here aswell! She has been very VERY helpful and is actually making our breakfast right now. Duda advised to split up Manhattan into sections so we are trying midtown today, weather is good today but not sure on tomorrow or sunday as it may be cloudy so going to go up the rockafella etc and central park. 


Not too much else to update but will be back in touch as soon as we can


Lots of Love


Sam and Sarah xxxxx


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