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Help, I am drowning.

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Day 2 of Bal-en-thia.

I had a grand plan for the day. There are street markets that are in a different location each weekday. I looked at a map and had thought/hoped that it also looked close to a beach on Thursday which would be good way to kill two birds with one stone? So after my awesome 2-3 hour sleep I got up and Sarah and I went in search of an Horchada (slient H). But...while we were walking down the street we happended to walk past a tattoo parlour, we were definately planning on getting one while we were away so we went in for a closer look. It was just in a kind of hippie clothes shop but the artist came in at certain times. We asked if we would be able to book it in for the next day as the artist was in between 11 and 12. There was someone booked in at 11 but they said we could book we did! Continuing on in search of Horchadoa, we finally found one and had a sample. I am still undecided. I wouldn't probably have another one but I didn't dislike or particuarly like it if that makes sense!

We made our way back to the Hostel around 11. Sven gave me directions to the markets and beach. He told me the bus and walked me out the front so I could see where the stop was. We set off on the number 32 bus. Some girls that we had met on the walking tour were also on the bus so we chatted to them for a bit. We got off as soon as I saw a market tent and we strolled around the stalls. It was a little junky but there were a few hidden treasures here and there. It was definately cheap! I got a cute silver hair slide, awesome bra (2 euro! Ha, back home they put an Elle McPherson tag on it and mark it 50AUD) and a cool lacy Valencia fan - served as a cooling device as well as a souvenir - SCORE. Sarah got a really nice dress and a couple of pairs of sandals. When we were way too hot we made our way to the water. It was so beautiful. Although no beach I have been to in Europe has compared to my Safety Beach :)

We laid around on the beach for ages. I had to go for a few dips as it got so hot. Was not refreshing in the slightest though as the water is pretty much the same temperature as what I fill my bath with! Then you sit on your towel and you have dried on the walk back from the water. We took a few photos and we actually got some together as the REALLY attractive lifeguard took some.Sorry Craig but the Spaniards are gorgeous! After a little bit we saw one of our friends, Katrina, sit down near the water. We ended up sitting with her and having a chat. She had lost her friends at the market but they walked over shortly after. Her friends were leaving and she really wanted to stay so she asked if she could hang out with us for the day. Because we are so lovely we agreed. Haha nah she was cool so we were more than happy for an extra for the day.

We sunbaked and swam and then a little asian lady came over and asked if we wanted a 5 euro massage. Best investment ever after lugging our backpacks around for over 6 weeks! I thought they only existed in Thailand and Bali but apparently not. At around 3pm we decided to go and get some Seafood Paella as I have been wanting to try it since we got here. Sven said the best one was at the beach so that worked well. We ran into some further markets and probably spent a further hour checking them out. I actually got you a present for myself here Craig! I saw one of those gold arm band things that go around your upper arm. I remembered you saying that you had a thing for them so I wasn't sure about it but I purchased it for you! I actually wore it out last night and really love it though. Suits the Egyptian looks apparently.

Finally it was Paella time, but then we couldn't find a restaurant! We found one where the waiter threw a menu at us and would only let us eat if we got two Paellas which Sarah and I definately wouldn't have finished so we just moved on. We couldn't be bothered walking too much further so we just went to the bus stop and waited. We got our 32 home and Katrina offered to show us where the supermarker was as we had little luck finding it previously. We stopped off at the Supermarket and got the best picnic; blue cheese, crackers, hommus and proscuitto. We were planning on getting a bottle of something also and couldn't resist a 4.99 bottle of vodka. Yep, that's right - 4.99! We walked back to the hostel and in the end I don't think we got home until close to 6pm. We had our picnic in the common room with vodka which was fun. Sarah went for a mini nap so I sat in the room right up until happy hour and used my laptop. There was this massive Indian guy in there and I swear I have never seen someone soooo drunk. It was like 9 as well! Apparently he was from the army and finished up and was letting loose a bit, Jenna was staying in his dorm. After falling over many times he must have gone back to his dorm and passed out as Jenna said he was lying sideways over his bed with his fly undone when she went back to the room! I sat and drank with the kiwis, blonde girls (crap with names, I know) and this other really awesome couple that we met that night. I only found out after a couple of drinks that night that the kiwis had gotten kicked out of our hostel due to the previous night - whoops, may have been pretty much 100% my fault! So they were staying at the 'Red Nest' as oppose to the 'purple nest' hostel. We all drank together for ages. The pub crawl starts at 1:30am every morning but we generally just stay around and drink and do our own thing. Sarah and her Austrian boyfriend went (he bought her a rose, nawww). Spain is a trippy place, they don't have dinner until like 10pm so no-one is in a bar/club before at least midnight. It feels weird that it is so normal to finish your night at 4 or 5am, I could never make it up until that time at home! But I don't require sleep here for some odd reason. Even if I go to bed at 5am, I am up by 8am. The Asian girls in our dorm found it freaky as they went to bed at like 10pm and got up at 10am at the earliest.

We decided that we did want to do the pub crawl after all so we all left to go and find them. We went to pick up Paddie's mate on the way as he had gone for a nap (soft). I was starving as I had only the picnic stuff for the day so I went to see if they had a vending machine. The guy at Red Nest was just as nice as the night guy at the Purple nest apparently and told me I could absolutely not enter that hostel as I wasn't staying there. The girl I went in with said 'that sucks' and we left (this story will be continued). There were quite a few drunk specimens on this walk of ours - the couple were having a slightly drunken fight as the gorgeous girlfriend wanted to stay out with us and they incredibly drunk bf had to go back to their room. Needless to say we got ridicously lost and couldn't find any clubs. We decided to call it a night, much to my dissapointment. We came back to our Hostel at around 3ish and the guy at the reception started yelling and pointing at me as soon as I walked in. The guy at the other hostel had told him I was saying 'this is f$%^ing stupid' and just swearing in general at him? So confused and kinda wondering what these guys had against me. They actually made me cry in the end - sorry for the emotional skype call Mum! We were leaving to go to Madrid the next day at around 1ish. Sarah had decided she wasn't gonna get her tattoo as we couldn't get in until 12 and she felt it may be too rushed, me - I was still undecided!


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