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A dash for Happy Hour

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Sorry guys, I know you are all in suspense waiting for another blog but the last few days have been intense - there has been tattoos (sorry parents), tears, tours, tequila sunrises and everything in between. So I think the last point I left off at was making my last night in Barca?

The next morning we woke up at 6am because the train wasn't running and we were so worried the replacement bus wouldn't be running that early. We had to get to the Bus About Hostel at 7:45 to leave for Valencia at 8am. The buses and trains in Spain are amazing. The replacement bus and also the train comes every 3 minutes from 05:00 - 00:00 which is pretty handy. So we did end up getting there slightly early but better than the alternative I guess. It is always funny getting on a bus or train with a backpack on; you can't be bothered taking them off and putting them back on so you sit on the seat but you are pretty much not even on the seat - just the backpack fits on the seat and you pretty much just perch in the air! We got to the Hostel, used wifi and made the most of their free breakie. I had a yoghurt drink, muesli bar, piece of bread with jam and mini dark lint chocolate block all by about 10am. This was pretty big for me as that's been my diet over about 4 days lately - I can fit in like one item per day, must be the heat? I did like Barcelona but I was a little bored there so it was nice to be moving on.

The bus trip was pretty good, Black Swan was on so I watched that again - a little ak=wkward with a bus full of strangers but anyway! Ha. It was great though; the bus left at 8am, we had a half hour or so service stop and made it into Valencia by 12:30 so we had that day too. This turned out to be a miracle as Valencia is pretty much my fav city, I freakin' love this place.

Our hostel was amazing. It has an awesome park surrounding the Historic city which is where we were staying. The amazing park was an old dried up river. When the river dried up the government planned to put something ugly; I think it was just apartments or something but anyway the people were pissed off (understandably) so they started going there at night time and randomly planting trees around it. Made things a little hard for the government so they ended up winning and now have pretty much the most beautiful park that I have ever seen. Sarah and I checked into our room which was really cool, it had a balcony overlooking the city and all. We were the first to check in as my blondie friend behind reception took a shining to me. He was actually laughing at me as he directed some Bus About guys somewhere and I went to follow them - turns out they were going to the toilet! So we found our room and shortly after two of the most beautiful and sweet Asian girls came in and us 4 would be sharing the room for the next 2 nights. Sarah and I decided to go and have an explore as the city had looked so great when we drove through it briefly. I had a good feeling about Valencia, and not just because I happen to like orange juice. When we walked past reception they had a sign with the nightly drink specials. That night the cocktail special was Mohijitos (yum reminds me of Bali) and they were 3 euros however at happy hour between 9 and 10 every drink was half price so they would be 1.50!! Hell Yeah. The girls in our room had told us about a free walking tour that night also which left from the Hostel at around 6pm so we were thinking seriously about doing that (free???). Anyway off we set to check out what Valencia was all about. The funny thing about the word 'Valencia' is that The 'V' is pronounced as a 'B' and the c is said like you have a lisp, so from the mouths of the locals it sounds a little bit like 'Balenthia'. Pretty funny. As we walked in the heat we saw the most amazing restaurants, cafes and bars. All the food there looked amazing, it almost made me want to eat 3 meals per day. Spain is so humid, there are digital temperature signs everywhere and they always read somewhere between 33 and 38 - even at night! We found the most amazing little quirky shop, kind of like Smiggle but 100% better. We bought squidgy pillows for the bus (even though we had one bus trip left, but the plane still!) and I bought a cool drink bottle and also a pink case for my sunnies. All the necesseties with the limited space in my backpack. So we basically just walked and walked and took lots of photos. We saw a really cool gourmet salad place so we planned on getting one each and taking them to the beautiful park and having a picnic. My chickpea and Sarah's lentil salad looked way too good though so we only made it to the local small park. Was worth stopping there though as they had wooden turtle statues which I got a photo with of course. Salads were good. Then we just decided to go back to the Hostel. We were up for a big night that night as we had both fallen in love with Valencia within about 5 minutes and were all pumped! We had met a girl, Jenna, in the hostel and planned to meet at Happy Hour for a night full of drinking. We went back to the Hostel after our picnic as it was getting towards 4ish and we wanted to relax a little before (potentially) undertaking the walking tour. So we went back, got our laptops and went to use them in the communal room. It was the best room ever. They have all these bright coloured picnic benches around the room, a massive widescreen flat TV on the wall with wii and mtv, a pool table in the corner and then a bar on the far wall. What more could you possibly need? Oh, and there are also computers, a kitchen with actual silver cutlery and a vending machine. So I sat there catching up on the outside world and knocking back San Miguels from the Vending machine! haha how funny.

We went upstairs to refresh and decided to do the walking tour. We went to the lobby at 6pm, turns out it started at 6.30 so we just waited around for a bit. Sarah went to the toilet or to run some other random errand and while I was standing there some curly hair guy came up to me and said something really fast which I didn't get a word of. I asked him to repeat it and the second time sounded much the same. Turned out he was Duncan, our tour guide from Glasgow (explains why I had no idea what he was saying). He came to study in Valencia and fell for it as hard as I did so he came back as soon as he finished his degree, he really didn't like Glasgow at all! No kind words about the hometown. He explained the tour would be starting at 7pm in some square that we had to walk to first. I was getting slightly antsy about this tour cutting into my happy hour as you can imagine, so I asked kindly what time he expected this tour to end. He explained that it would finish at 9pm in the square which was approx 15 mins from our hostel. Yeah okaaayyy, I could probably still live with myself if I only missed 15 minutes of happy hour. So it commenced and we walked around looking at some pretty cool features of the Historic city centre. There is the remains of this old tower - it is like a few bricks in a cylinder shape but apparently when all the locals go out and then the clubs shut they all go and drink there. There was also this cool arch feature which used to lock people out of the city at a certain time of night as there were walls all around it. If people didn't get in they were pretty much assured of death. It was meant to be because of some mythical creatures or something but pretty sure there were just some bad ass guys lurking around the outskirts. There was also a cool little model outside the tower so you could see the whole thing even if you didn’t go up – convenient! We learnt all about the local beverages - Ague di Valenica (sparkling wine and amazing Valencian orange juice), Sangria – of course, it is Spain, and Horchada which is like a nutmeg milk drink. There were many cool sights and of course we saw the cathedral and the mayor’s ‘modest’ house (can’t remember the title for him there but Mayor sounded cool). It was getting close to 9 and I was getting a little panicky, OMG I just realised I AM an alcoholic. It ended up finishing around 9:25 and we all set off to get back. We bolted ahead of the pack, seemed like a bad idea when we realised we had no idea where were going and it is a city full of dodgy little alleys with sleazy Spanish men. I knew the general direction though and this was all that was required as we ended up finding the Hostel, and before anyone else! Wooo go Ashton Maps. We ended up getting to the Hostel at 9:45, so I did what any smart person would have done and ordered 4 mojhitos and drank them within about 10 minutes – okay 2 were for Sarah. Jenna introduced us to her roommates as she was in a mixed dorm with a few international travelers. There was this really cute little English couple so chatted to them for a bit and sold my ‘don’t bother about holidaying in Aus’ line. I met a french guy also and asked if he would be my pool partner. We ended up playing against a blonde girl, Pip, that I met on the tour and a kiwi guy. I was awful! We lost which was annoying coz blondie was thinking she was pretty cool in her daisy dukes. She was actually really nice so I feel like a horrible person for even writing that sentence but anyway, it stays. Then the other Kiwi guy at the bar, Patrick, gestured for me to come and sit with him. I didn’t budge and pointed to a chair beside me. Then we decided to rock, paper, scissors it and naturally I won so he made the walk over. Haha random way to meet someone but he was quite nice and we had a couple of drinks. Then I saw my Blonde friend from reception at the bar having a couple of drinks. I went and chatted with him. I asked if he was from Valencia (didn’t exactly look like a local) and he laughed and said he was from Sweden. ‘AHH SVEN’ I exclaimed, (original, I know) and he thought that was pretty funny. I had a great night drinking with the crew there. We went to find a club but Patrick had a singlet on and couldn’t get in so we went to a bar beside it. I have no idea at all where we went but I think it was fun, must have been a little while away as I vaguely remember being in a taxi. Then it all went wrong. As much as Sven loved me, I had the opposite effect on the night manager. I guess we were being ‘a little’ loud when we entered so he got a little rude to us. So...then I ran up the steps and made the biggest, loudest thumping noise I could on every step. He ran after me and I found it hysterically funny and started to laugh at him while he yelled on. He then asked me to leave, which could have been interesting. I think Patrick may have calmed him down. I was still laughing, he was very annoyed and said ‘see, she thinks it’s all a joke’, to which I continued on laughing. Ahh good times. I didn’t realise what time I had gotten home though until I noticed that I had a Facebook post from 6am that morning...

For some retarded reason I don’t sleep here though so I was back up and showering/using wifi by 9am.


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