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The Gorgeous North

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Got the travel bug woooooooh want to travel forever! Now in McLeod Gange in Dharamsala, epic journey getting here bloomin eck! Taxi, train, wait, another train, a bus (standing for 3 hours), another taxi... but great trip and well worth it. McLeod Gange is a special place. There is a big Tibetan community here, many people who have escaped from Tibet or who's family's did years ago and they were born here. It really touches your heart. I read about Tibet and the so-called Chinese 'Cultural Revolution' a few years ago. It makes me feel sick to the stomach what has happened there. Being here really pulls at your heart strings, talking to Tibetan people who have escaped there home country for fear of being imprisoned or being killed, people who were shot at and banned from practicing their beautiful religion. It makes me feel so angry, they are such peaceful people who did not deserve one shred of the war there. I feel very humbled to be in their company.

Mandy has gone back to England now so its just little ol' me! Ive moved in with a Tibetan family and loving it, eating traditional meals with them, watching is fascination while they do there prays. The Dad Jangchut was in the Indian army, the Mother has a market stall and they have a 17 year old daughter and a 18 year old son. Had a fantastic week, did a Tibetan cookery class, an Indian cookery class, a Tabla drum class, got well bored of looking like a rank traveler so had my hair revamped, been doing a yoga class every day, loads of walks, been to see a Sufi band which was amazing! Met a great bunch of travelers here had a few parties on a roof top terrace, loads of random jammin' on drums and guitars had a reet laugh!

The Dalai Lama is doing talks here in a couple of days, absolutely so so excited for it! Feel so lucky to be here in McLeod with a Tibetan community and will be seeing the Tibetan spiritual leader talk. Doing some volunteering this week too, some English conversational classes with Tibetan people.

Basically, buzzin'! x


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The Gorgeous North

pathankot, India

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