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The cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city) - Rio de Janeiro

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Beautiful mountains, white-sand beaches, deep blue sea along green rain forests, enticing sound of samba and colorful carnivals this is all that Rio de Janeiro brings to one’s mind while thinking about this breathtakingly alluring city. Often known as Rio, the city is located along the coastline of Atlantic Ocean and one of the most visited metropolises of Brazil. Everything about this place is amazingly unparalleled in terms of its beauty, culture and style. If you want to visit this tremendous city and experience everything that you get to see in cinema then just book yourself in the flights to Rio de Janeiro.

The city is famous for its beaches all over the world; travelers here are treated with the variety of water involved sports and activities. You can enjoy beautiful looks of Corcovado, famous dance halls, bars and open air cafes, surf great breaks of piranha and hike through Tijuca’s rainforests. There are numerous of reasons to fall in love e with the great city that is unique and astonishingly mesmerizing. Once you travel to Rio and cherish the movements for life time.
The greatest land mark of Rio is Christ the Redeemer statue atop the Corcovado Mountain and is the iconic symbol of the city. This statue is latest addition to the Seven Wonders of the World. Looking at this great city and deep blue Atlantic Ocean from top of the Corcovado Mountain is experience on its own. Visiting this beautiful place is not that pricey affair these days, as many of the flight services providers are providing cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro. Just book one for yourself and enjoy your holidays.

This famed city of Brazil is very renowned for its Samba dance. They have different clubs for teaching the dance, who perform it during the samba parades. Watching it live is an experience of its own kind. Carnivals of Rio are the greatest reason for many tourists to visit the city from across the world. Many other Portuguese architectural sites and museums also attract the most number of visitors.

Coming to the cuisine of this world famous city, it has something to suit every craving. Famous buffet style restaurants offer you yummy food. Feijoada- the famous Brazilian dish and Caipirinha are loved by all and are mouthwatering. For shopping freaks the city befits perfectly as it provides great range of clothes and accessories that too on affordable price. If you want grab the bags full of Brazilian brands and want to get tanned lying on the white sand beaches then don’t wait book your tickets to Rio de Janeiro and be the one.

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The cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city) - Rio de Janeiro

rio de janeiro, Brazil