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Ashton's 10 hour Solo expedition of Barcelona

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Next day in Bareclona - Sarah mentioned her and Emily were keen to go to a Gaudi church, which would have been cool but not exactly what I was up for that day. Heath who I had met from Top Deck had been to Spain already and was now back in Melbourne, so he had been giving me some tips on some cool beaches and places to go in Barcelona so I decided to do a solo mission and go and check them out. I got the train back to La Rambles and walked around Port Veil again. Then I went in search of a travellers bar as I thought I may be able to recruit some friends there, it was in the process of opening and the guys there were pretty rude so I just decided to go it alone. It was so nice walking along by the water. I walked for ages that day. I stopped at a cafe called 'Sweet' just before Port Olympia and got half a litre of Sangria. It was so nice to sit in the sun, in front of the water and watch the many tourists walk past. I found some street markets just after the cafe and had a little look at them while I was passing by.  Barcelona is meant to be like the worst city for crime but I never had any problem with anyhing like that, I felt safe enough to walk the streets alone. You hear some horror stories about various places from other tourists but seriously, as long as you don't leave your bag 3 metres from your body then you will be fine. It's all about being 'street smart' :) 

After my Sangria, I kept walking. I think you get fined for drinking on the street but it was so nice in the sun that I bought a cider and sipped that whilst I walked. I finally got to the beaches and they looked pretty cool. I was dying for a swim but it was too risky leaving my handbag on the beach and going for a swim so I had to deal with just looking at all the amazing beaches. I saw all the landmarks that Heath had mentioned and had such an awesome day just strolling the city by myself. It got to about 4pm and I decided to go back to the hostel as Sarah and I had planned to go out with Fraggles that night and sleep on the floor of the hostel so we could be there at 8am in the morning. I walked for a bit and found a Metro so again I just looked up how to get to my line and off I went. When I got back, I walked into the Hostel and there was some girl sitting using her laptop with at least 5 guys around her. Skank! I thought, until I saw it was Ms. Hartley herself. I sat at the back of the room and just watched them all. It was pretty funny as they were polish so we had to use good translate and keep switching the languages back and forth to have a conversation. They came up and sat with me after awhile as I had stopped for chips, salsa and beer on the way back and was happily consuming all 3 in my corner. We kept the google translate chat up and then decided to go to the beach. They were pretty funny when they stripped down to the ugliest speedos I have ever seen, ewww.

They got a little annoying so we decided to go back to the hostel. They were going out for dinner and then mentioned they would catch up with us when they got back. We said okay while we were both shaking our heads! I really couldn't be bothered going out to the other hostel and Fraggles wasn't meant to be going out in the end so we just decided to go to bed. We were awoken at 1:30am by the boys knocking on our door and calling 'Ashton!, Sarah!, come out with us'. It was a little scary considering neither of us had mentioned our room number. We told them where to go and after much persistence they finally left us in peace. I snuck down to the kitchen as I was now awake and hoped I could talk to someone from home on Skype but unfortunately there was no-one on so I retreated back to bed in preparation for an early start.


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barcelona, Spain