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Disculpe, pero ¿puedo tener una sangría

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After a decent sleep for the first night in Barcelona we awoke and went to get breakie as it was free there. Everytime the hostels offer breakie we always hope the hostel will offer eggs and toast but we always find they have nothing more than a stale roll or a bowl of corn flakes or coco pops. None of the options look particuarly appetising to me so I generally end up having a coffee and orange juice. I sat on skype for a little while. Sarah was still sick and not very keen to do anything that day. I had woken up at 2am and spent 2 hours on the net googling places so I said that I was going to do a bit of exploring. In the end she ended up agreeing to tag along and it was a good thing as I think being outside helped her feel better. When we got on the Metro we saw Emily, a girl who had given Sarah flu tablets in Nice. She was on the Metro by herself so we went up to her and she was doing pretty much exactly the same as us and just 'looking around' the town so we decided to all venture out together. We got off the metro at Las Rables, which is the main touristy strip in Barcelona. We walked down towards the port and walked around Port Veil. There was a cool shopping centre on the water with H & M and all the usual suspect. Of course I can't go into H & M without buying I did.

Emily wanted some make-up and the lady in one of the shops had said she would find it is a department store at the other end of Las Rambles so we walked to the end. There were some random pet stalls along the way and they had the cutest turtles and tortoises. They were like 10 euro as well. I was so tempted to buy one, not sure how he would go living in my backpack and getting thrown around under the bus and then getting cleared by customs, but sooo tempting all the same.

We found the department store and I went wandering to the top level where I found the best clothes ever. When I was there I sort of lost track of time and probably spent an hour just browsing the top floor. I then realised that I had no idea where Sarah and Emily were. I went back downstairs but couldn't find them so I decided it was too hot and I really felt like getting back to the hostel. I jumped on the nearest Metro and sorted out the map so I could figure out which trains/buses would take me back.

I got back to our stop and decided to go to a supermarket and get some food and beverages. I hadn't been there before but had a map and found it quite easy. They had 1 euro bottles of wine so I had to get two naturally and a cask of Sangria (nowhere near as good as the fresh stuff). When I walked back to the hostel Sarah was walking in, that's good timing! She said they had tried paging me in the store but gave up and she knew I would find my way back. Apparently Emily had been like 'does she do this often?' and Sarah just replied 'yeah, all the time' lol.

We went back, grabbed our laptops and sat on wifi with a glass of wine. Which, btw, I opened. Taking the cork out of wine has never been a specialty of mine so I always get someone else to do it, it's amazing what you can do when you are that desperate. I finished the bottle and wanted to go out so badly but Sarah wasn't up for it. I was speaking to Fraggles and I was gonna meet her but she was even a bit reluctant so I pretty much decided just to go to bed in the end. Boo.


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barcelona, Spain