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Moving on...

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Moving on from the drama of Nice, we were off to Barcelona. I don't know what it is; I get asked all the time if I am Spanish, I have always wanted to go to Spain even when I didn't care for travel and I DEFINATELY love it so far!!!

We had our first service stop in Spain just before our arrival into Barcelona. It was such a relief as it was so much quiter than the average mad Italian service stop. No pushing, no lines and they actually had more than 2 female toilets (with seats!!) so you didn't take up the whole time waiting in the que.

I had thought we were staying at the Bus About drop-off point but turns out we weren't. I was relieved to find out that only 4 people were so we would all have to work out the Metro together. It is seriously the worst thing to be on the bus/plane the whole day, get to a foreign country and have no idea where you are going! We found the metro, found our line and jumped on. There were some Aussies who got on and sat around us and after a few questions we found out they were staying at the same hostel so that was handy. Most of them were from Melbourne as most people on BAB are, however usually most are from the city itself. It was quite funny when I said I was from Safety Beach and the guy next to Sarah said they were building in Mount Martha. Later at the hostel I asked what the name of his street was and oddly enough our friends (Quiney's) live there also. I am guessing they have a bit of cash as that was going to be their holiday house and it is pretty much the best street on the peninsula (apart from Ian Road, of course!) and their 'normal' house was in Donvale. haha.

Anyway we all managed to find the place okay. The help we get here is so awesome and so appreciated, it really makes me want to be nicer to tourists back home - if only they weren't all asians! Some guy stopped on the street and followed us to point us in the right direction. At chek-in we could only pay cash. Sarah was sick again so I left her with the bags and went in search of an ATM. When we finally got in, it was nothing more than a set of bunk beds but we really couldn't care less. The only major downer (for me), we were nowhere near the city.

We went straight to the supermarket so I could get a tuna salad, some crackers and a budweiser (why not??). I pretty much just sat on wifi for the night and had a quiet one; it was hot and I wanted to explore the city while I am here. So that was my Nice - Barcelona Story, far from exciting!


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