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Get to Know Royal Rajasthan

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‘Kesariya Balam aaonee padharo hamar e desh’ (Peppy Friend visit our country once) – the popular Rajasthani folk song perfectly conveys welcoming sentiments full of warmth of hospitality of the residents of Rajasthan. One can visualize magnificent forts, golden Thar Desert, colorful fairs and festivals, diverse wild life and enchanting places and many more places as soon as the word ‘Rajasthan’ voices out in one’s mind. The word Rajasthan refers to ‘Land of Kingdoms’.

 Rajasthan has a rich, more than 5000 years old history. Due to being originally inhabited by the ‘Gujjars’, century’s back the region was popularly known with the phrase ‘Gujarata’. After that, early in the Muslim period, the term ‘Rajputana’ was coined for current day’s Rajasthan. The royal state of kings (Rajas and Maharajas) was synonymous with courage, integrity and strength as its brave Rajput warriors sacrificed their lives to protect their land during the pre-independence period.

The Rajput warriors enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle. They invest huge sums of capital in constructing magnificent haveli’s, awe-inspiring forts, monuments, lakes. These structures were carefully insculpted with amazing architecture, and were adorned with precious gems, diamonds and stones in that era. These buildings stand tall today and resound the tale of heroism and romance.  

Rajasthan is essentially a wonderful tourism destination for people who are interested in learning about history and culture of specific region. Rajasthan is a must visit destination on travel itinerary of maximum number of tourists who come to India for a unique holiday experience. The state will leave you mesmerized with its royal splendor and architectural beauty. You can sense and absorb the splendor of the royal state of Rajasthan during Rajasthan Luxury tours.

You can visit some elegant palaces like Amber fort, Jaigarh fort, Neemrana fort palace, Udaipur city palace, Jal fort in the royal state of Rajasthan. The splendor of Rajasthan is not just limited to its forts and palaces. Travelers can also enjoy the thrill of wildlife safaris, panorama of nature, and beauty of golden Thar Desert, move feet and body on the captivating tune of Rajasthani music, enjoy the luxury of during Rajasthan tours.

Thus, Rajasthan offers everything from rich culture, heritage, and tradition, history to art, music, dance, cuisines, fairs and festivals. You will be delighted during Rajasthan package tours as the tour will leave you with some rich memories. 


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Get to Know Royal Rajasthan

Rajasthan, India