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The day of the dive

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I had the worst night sleep that night! The alcohol must have worn off as I must have woken up for around 2 hours+ at around 2am and all I could imagine was the plane going up which I was thinking would be the worst bit for me! We had to wake up really early as we had to swap our room over as soon as reception opened at 7:30 as we were due to get on the bus to go skydiving at 8am sharp. We got out the front by about 7am and this guy just randomly came up to us and had our new key and took the old one. We didn’t even know who he was, they are so organised around here! So we went to our new cabin which was slightly smaller, dropped off our bags and went back out the front. We met up with everyone but noticed the boys were looking slightly worse for wear, apparently they had gone to the bomb shelter but they had been at the local pub in town for the first half of the night. Damn, we couldn’t even bag them. On the bus there was Sarah, me, Josh, Fraggles, Marty, Steve and Canada (we didn’t know her name at this time, later found out it was Danielle). We picked up another Canadian guy from another hostel in Interlaken along the way and he was pretty cool. He had been travelling for a year but only had one week left. He explained the feeling to me as being ‘bittersweet’ which I can imagine. I was pretty much the only one slightly freaking out, at least Canada and Steve were showing minor signs of nerves. I sat on the bus in a sweat, hoping I wouldn’t have to get off that bus. We got a form and could choose whether to get a video or photos for 150 franc and the combo for 190. I wasn’t going to get them as the day had cost an arm and a leg (literally) already but then I was like ‘nup, if I am doing this, I NEED evidence to prove that I actually did it’. So I decided to book in for the video and photos combo. There were 4 of us that did and we all chose the ‘rock’ them music – really, pop, when jumping out of a plane??

We finally arrived at the big sheds and jumped off the bus. We were told we would have to split into a group of 3 and a group of 4. We weren’t too fussed who went with who so we left it up to them to decide. I met up with Dave, my jump instructor. We did a quick pre-interview where I went on about my nerves. It’s pretty funny watching them all as everyone else is just really excited. We did a quick practice of the jump and landing and then we were told our numbers. Of course it would work like this; Sarah, Fraggles and Canada in Plane 1. Ashton, Steve, Josh and Marty on Plane 2. So I was left with all the crazy boys who were actually excited about jumping out of a plane! We were going up in the plane when it came back down so we actually got to watch the others jump. We decided the Fraggles would be first (crazy chick) and I was sure that Sarah would be last. BTW Apparently Fraggles got her nickname from the show ‘Fraggle’s rock’ or something as some girl said she reminded her of Fraggles in it. I have never seen the show but do plan on downloading an episode when I get back as this chick is so fricken funny. So we made our own fun back down on the ground as it would take 20 minutes for them to actually get the 10,000 feet. Marty introduced us to the ‘sky dive dance’ for later on that evening, I have never seen such a hilarious dance before. We then decided to get the Canadian guy to take a photo of our crew. The boys decided it would be funny to pick me up and have me laying accross them! (photo evidence on Facebook) so that was a pretty funny group shot. Marty posed in his best ‘captain america’ pose; pretty funny considering he looks like a superhero.

We waited and then the girl came over to take photos and said we should be able to see the plane. We all looked puzzled as no-one could see anything. It was actually me who finally pointed out the little white speck. After awhile we saw parachutes opening. How cool! The camera guys only get a couple of minutes of footage and then come straight back down. We were all so amazed with how quick they came zooming into the runway. They hit the ground with such speed!

The parachutes were all getting close by now and I was very impressed/amazed to see Sarah in the lead! She was so funny, so much shock on that face. Pretty sure all she could was giggle. Later on she couldn’t even remember the landing and I wasn’t surprised. Canada assured me it was great fun, I wasn’t so convinced. Another interview on the way to the plane and it was our turn. We walked over to the plane and jumped in. I was at the back which was kind of nice! It was very awkward sitting on the bench seat in the middle of some random guys legs with your legs spread eagle so you could get them around the parachute pack of the next random guy in front of you! I said I just wanted to make it to the ground and they assured me that I would even if it was with an imprint in it. There was an interview on the plane which was pretty funny. ‘So how are you feeling?’ – ‘Not flash’. ‘Are you ready to do this?’ – ‘NO’. Haha confidence. Although in saying this, I wasn’t too bad going up in the plane and I wasn’t TOO scared. Dave pointed out all the scenery to me and I could look out the window without freaking out – it was amazing!!! We finally got to the top and Josh was out, then Steve, then Marty and finally it was mine and Dave’s turn to scoot to the roller door opening. We got to the edge and it was such a blur that I don’t think I even had time to comprehend what was about to happen. The best thing about jumping out is that you have to put your head and neck back against the guide’s shoulder so you can’t look down! Dave explained that we were going to back flip off the plane, haha yeah okay as long as you do it all though was my response! So off we went. Most amazing rush of my life. 90 seconds of pure freefall, that was actually my favourite bit. Then we were tapped o n the shoulder and we should put our arms out. In all of the maddness none of us girls actually felt that tap and all of our guides pretty much had to rip our arms out to the side. Then there is a camera man in front of you catching it all. I really wish I could have done some cool stuff in front of the camera but I was seriously struggling for breath so I am pretty much trying to gulp at air the whole time. The video of me is hilarious though. I must have massive cheeks because they get filled with air and it looks like I have golf balls in my cheeks, no-one else had that! And then Miss ‘I am terrified of heights’ says “can we do some flips or stuff”, so we start going from side to side and doing some stuff. We did a practice at the landing which I struggled with, I couldn’t get my legs up as they were so sore in the harness. I ended up having to hold them up with my hands when we got to the landing strip. Then we were back on beautiful, safe green grass. I was so pumped with myself, would love to do it again! I am actually wondering if it had cured my fear of heights, I will let you know how that goes! Best experience ever. We took a victory shot of our crew and took off the harnesses and ultra attractive blue suits. Then we had to go pay – oh, oh $600AUD later... thanks Mum, spent the money wisely HA!

We had to wait until the last two people had done their jumps then, so we just sat around in the sunshine. I swear the Canadian was green when he got to the ground!

We had to leave Switzerland at 8am the next day but apparently they could get the videos done before then. We had to pick them up from Interlaken at 5pm and it was a 7 franc train ticket there so we just got off the bus when we dropped the other 2 passengers back there and figured we would just fill in 5 hours or so to save our 7 franc! Josh and Steve had planned to go to the sail park but I didn’t really fancy a ropes course after skydiving so Sarah, Fraggles and I decided against it. We all wanted a coffee first so we walked around in circles looking for town. I was actually keen for a beer after all that but even the boys weren’t looking too convinced with this idea. In the end we compromised and we all got Baileys Coffee from a cafe. After this we walked around the main street. Marty had said there was an 80’s party on that night at the bomb shelter so we were just planning on wearing whatever was remotely 80’s from our backpacks. We walked past an accessory shop and they have fluro leg warmers out the front! We ended up spending an absolutely ridiculous amount of fluro green, yellow and pink leg warmers and these netted fluro gloves. Josh just went for the whole fluro yellow braces look (with a wife beater and boardies!) but Steve was ace and bought these mini white chicks shorts and he put in for the leg warmers and gloves. It was so ridiculously overpriced as it was in Switzerland but apparently this group loves a theme party almost as much as I do! That took us like 40 minutes to pick between the items, Josh looked like he wanted to kill as he had been starving since landing from his jump. We pretty much all were as no-one could eat prior to it. We finally found a massive supermarket so the guys grabbed something small and left for the sail park. Fraggles got some chicken and Sarah and I got cheese stuffed peppers and smoked salmon to share. We decided to get some wine or champagne as there was this big grassy field near the main street where you could watch the base jumpers so we planned on having a picnic. For some reason they never have drinks in a fridge here so we got a massive 2litre bottle of the cheapest ‘Blanc Vino’ we could find – it cost 2 franc for the 2 litres! We decided just to buy a big bottle of orange juice to have with it so you wouldn’t even know if it was bad wine.

We walked back to our picnic spot, stopping a few times to look in random clothes Boutiques. When we made it to the park we found a bench and set up our picnic. The only problem? The wine bottle had a beer style lid which wasn’t a twist one. There were heaps of people sitting around us and they were pretty much all laughing at us while we struggled with the bottle. Sarah had a shot at opening it on a pole. I tried on the park bench and just when we were about to give up Fraggles opened it on the bench, woooo. We sat there and drank the whole bottle of wine! It was so much fun. Fraggles is horribly loud at times but turns out she is a really awesome girl when you are just chatting between friends.

We planned on meeting the boys back at the place where we had to pick up our videos and photos at 5pm. We were dying for the bathroom after the wine so we found ‘Buddy’s Bar’. The girls pointed out on a sign that it cost 1 franc each to get the code for the toilet. So I walked up to the guy behind the bar and said in a very nice voice ‘excuse me, but would you mind if I quickly use your bathroom’, he said sure and gave me the code straight off. So I let the girls through the side door and all was good!

After filling in some more time it was time to walk back and get our videos and photos, YAY. We picked them up from a very lovely lady at 5, she asked if we wanted to watch them but we declined as we planned to drink way more later and watch them together on someone’s laptop.We picked up Josh’s also as him and Steve were across the road in the pub getting a beer. We were all very stuffed by this time so we left straight away in search of the train station. What a mission! Fraggles claimed to know where it was and her direction had been good all day so we just followed. We walked and walked and walked before we found it, and discovered we had done the biggest circle known to man.

Conveniently when we got our tickets we found out that our train departed in 5 minutes, it was there when we walked to the platform. Best sight ever. We didn’t end up getting back ‘til just before 7pm. Sarah and I went straight to Coop to get a bottle AND a cask of wine and some more juice as we got cheap crappy wine again. Tastes good still! We walked back to the campsite and I pretty much ran to the shower. Unfortunately most places only give you one key so I ran back from the shower block with wet hair and wet clothes and Sarah had left and taken the key. I just sat outside the cabin looking like an idiot! She was back shortly after thankfully. I was actually going to straighten my hair that night as I was very curious to see how long it had gotten and I was planning on teasing it all up to go with the whole 80’s theme. So I quickly got ready. My outfit looked a little something like this; Black pattern stockings, pale pink jumpsuit, one fluoro pink leg warmer, one fluoro green leg warmer, one fluoro green netted glove – check! You can imagine how good I looked right? Unofrtunately I took most of the photos from the night so I have little to show how cool my outfit actually was. Fraggles was getting ready, doing her Mohawk so we went and sat at the river with Steve and Josh and some others and cracked open the wine. It was the best thing ever; the boys but this little tray in the river and then we put our drinks in – better than any esky!

We decided to put our videos on. I was not letting a crowd see mine so we watched Josh’s and Fraggle’s. I had confiscated Fraggle’s so she couldn’t watch it on her laptop before we were all together. We drank until it was dark and then decided to move somewhere else. The Bomb Shelter is fairly average around the time it opens at 10pm so we decided to go to the local bar and drink with the base jumpers. These are the craziest crew that ever existed I am pretty sure. They sill all do it even though there are 2 deaths per month! A guy died doing it recently so they do something in their honour when one of them dies so after this death they all took cocaine and went and jumped off a cliff at 3am!!! Some other times they get really really drunk and then take a slab to the mountain. They do it with 30 of them and they try to make it down first as the first 24 get a beer each. Ha, pretty sure they are requesting to die but anyway.

Everyone went back to the Bomb Shelter but I actually retreated to watch a movie quite early – yep very mature of me I know! It had been a REALLY long day. Tomorrow we would have to leave the amazingness of Switzerland L BOO. And what a day we were in for...


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Words to describe Switzerland; beautiful, amazing, picturesque, perfect...

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