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Does it get any better?

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Where to start? Switzerland has not got any worse yet! Probably the best decision of our trip to stay on. The next day we got up super early to try and arrange to get the bus in 2 days. It took us awhile but we were able to arrange it in the end.. without having accommodation details sorted as yet! So next stop was reception, fingers crossed we could get somewhere to stay for the next 2 nights. I just buttered up the lady and told her how much we loved it here so we had decided to stay on etc etc. It worked as she let us keep our massive 6 person room (for 2 of us!) for the next night. She had a group booked into the big room for the last night but we were able to check into a new room for that night.

We went and got some smoothies for breakfast and then went back and got in bed as we were quite tired/hungover! We napped for most of the morning. Marty had said we would have to do the skydiving o n the Friday so we just planned to hang around our town for the Thursday and explore and do a hike. We walked through the town and stopped to get a cappuccino at the local (and only) pub. They have wifi at the campsite but it costs 5 francs to actually use it (fran cs are a very similar rate to AUD), but if you go to the pub all you have to do is buy a coffee or beer and you can use it for free so I took advantage of this. I was hoping to catch some people from home on Skype so I could let them know that I would be booking in sky diving for the following day. I was able to tell mum but she was the only one on. Then we walked down the the coop supermarket and bought some ‘supplies’ for our hike later – namely gummi bears. We realised that we had to find Marty somewhere around the campsite to book in our sky diving for the next day. Conveniently he was sitting at the restaurant having lunch with Josh as soon as we walked into the campsite. I really was thinking that I did not want to book it in anymore, why would someone who can’t look over the side of a building without jumping out of their skin book in a jump from a plane at 10,000 feet?! Really, this place does some crazy things. But my main selling point – it is over the swiss alps, when am I ever going to be able to do that again?

So we were told to come and meet them back at 2pm when Marty had to call the tour company and finalize numbers. We would have to wait until after this time to do our hike now so we just bummed around the campsite – highly unmotivated. At 2pm we went back and put our names forward to confirm our death would occur the following day.

Most of the crew were leaving to go white water rafting so we went to do our hike. We had our full hiking get-up on and we walked up the trail of which we thought was the 4 hour hike that our roommate had told us of the previous night. When we had reached a dead end within 20 minutes we figured it probably wasn’t the hiking track which she had done. We went in search of another track but couldn’t find one so we just walked. The mini hike we did was kind of cool though – it is up the edge of a mountain and you get to stand in the middle of a massive waterfall. It was still killer on the legs going that vertical for 20 minutes.

When we got back we really couldn’t decide what to do; have drinks and snacks on the balcony, go to the pub and use wifi and get a drink or walk to the coop and get dinner and wine. We decided to sit on the balcony and have corn chips and champagne but then the girl wouldn’t let us put less than 20 franc on credit card so we decided to go to the pub instead. I got a really awesome lime flavoured beer, Sarah got a lemon one which was awful and pretty much remained untouched. About 5 minutes into us being at the pub it started to absolutely pour down with rain. We were both in dresses, Sarah’s – white!! She was not so keen on going outside anytime soon. We had been planning on going to the coop after but it was a bit of a hike so that plan went out the window. When I had fulfilled my wifi requirements and finished off my drink I convinced Sarah to go back when the rain was not so hard. We both ran down the road attempting not to slide straight down the road!

In the end we went back to the camping ground supermarket and decided we would just buy 20 francs worth of groceries as we would finish them anyway. We got all kinds of things – corn chips, salsa, cheese, champagne, plastic cups, bananas and more. All set to go up and have a drink in our room, unfortunately the weather meant that the balcony option was sort of out of the question.

We had all our goodies including the bottle of champagne. We then decided to go and have a drink at the restaurant as the shop was closed so it was pretty much the only option. We took our ultra lame trivia cards from Berlin along with us. The waitress was so lovely and was very helpful in our ordering of a Baileys coffee (Sarah) and beer (?!). We sat and played the drinking game for ages. We had to drink when we got something wrong so we made it slightly more difficult by reading the questions really fast or not giving each other the options. Made it slightly more entertaining!

Next stop was the Bomb Shelter as I don’t think you can stay at the camping grounds without going there at least once per night. We walked past the guys on the way and they had said that they had just been there and there was no-one else in there. We were slightly intoxicated by this time so we skipped past and yelled something about making our own fun.

It was so cool when we got in there as we had met this blonde chick, Maddie, very briefly when we had been with Marty the night before and she was working behind the bar. We walked in and she grabbed us and said to Monica and Chris behind the bar ‘These girls are cool – get them shots!’. So we all had a shot of baileys and chatted for ages. Maddie left to go and do something so we met the other bar chick, Monica. She was from Australia, Brisbane I think from memory? She was pretty cool; Maddie and Monica had both previously been Bus About guides. So then Monica decided to get us a free shot, unfortunately it was jaegermeister – not my personal favourite! But being the ‘good sport’ I am, I didn’t knock back a free shot. We talked more to Monica and I think we may have had a dance to Living on a Prayer by ourselves. There were a group of like 4 Contiki people beside us – they are not wrong with what they say about the Contiki crew – CRAZY. We were really keen to meet up with all of our crew so we left the Bomb Shelter in search of them. All the lights were out and no-one was to be seen. I was so cut as I was actually up for a night out – hmmm even with sky diving booked in at 8am in the morning, and the crew had been like ‘you girls are coming out tonight’ even when we weren’t that keen. Oh yeah, we had recruited 2 more people to sky dive also – Marty and Steve had both decided to come and join in the fun. Marty had said that he would ‘pay to see us girls jump out of the plane’. So on the way back to the campsite we decided to skip and start singing through the campsite. Then we thought it would be much funnier to scream out ‘enschuligung’ as we ran through. They have a security guard there as it is the family holidays there, we were told we definitely couldn’t make noise after 11pm. The highlight of my night was when he flashed his spotlight on us from the other end of the campsite and then he sat down and just watched in amusement as we kept yelling out german apologies at the top of our lungs. I believe we invited him to the bomb shelter the following evening – post skydive! Damn boys and their making us go out 2 nights now when they were no shows – we planned to let them know all about it tomorrow. Soooffftt.


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