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Let's be spontaneous shall we?

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Thingssss can only get better...

Woke up very early yet again in the sauna we called a room for 2 nights in Milano. I didn’t care – I was just so happy to be getting the hell outta there. Check out was by 10am but we got bored of sitting around waiting so we just did it at 9am. One thing they did have was luggage storage so that helped proceedings. We left early as we were hoping to find a salon and get our hair done – as the average backpacker does(nt). Unfortunately they we are closed so we just went for a stroll around. I have developed a new hobby in Europe – more so in Milan as there is little else to do. We just stroll into supermarkets and browse through all the cool things you can buy here! That morning I got a banana smoothie in a bottle which was pretty yummo.

We found this massive supermarket called ‘Coop’ after that and that took us a good hour to wander I think! So then we started to think about heading back to prison AKA Ostello Pierro Rotta. Of course now we wandered past not 1, but 3 hair salons that were all open. On the way back we stopped at our 3rd supermarket and Sarah got the roast she was so craving while I got a mini thing of tuna sushi and some berries. We decided to go back to prison and eat while counting down the minutes to the bus. I had some wine leftover from our first night so I got this out also and there was enough for half a glass each. Milan is insanely humid but for some reason they don’t really believe in refrigeration or air con so all the wine we were having had a nice ‘warm’ flavour.

Didn’t take long before we made some friends out the front. They were pretty impressed with our whole ‘wine before midday thing’ I think. There was a Mexican Football (soccer) player named Omar and his coach, Anthony. We got by with the broken English which they spoke. I got a bit bored so I went in search of a cold beer. I got two just in case. By the time I had knocked them back it was time to get on the bus, OMG. We were actually so excited to get on it for once as the thought of air con almost had me in tears. We were pretty happy to discover Marty would be the guide for the day also, he is such an ace guy. We had a pretty rowdy bus I have to say; well the back half was anyway. I am pleased to say that I was no part of this! There was this chick on the bus, known to us only as Fraggles (named by Marty) who was so funny and just tried to pick up Marty the whole time. He was cracking up at how forward she was! The best thing about being on Marty’s bus though? His amazing taste in music. It is like listening to Triple J J Wasn’t too bad driving through the Swiss Alps listening to Cloud Control! He put on this awesome ‘Sweet mix’ for when we were driving through the most amazing scenery ever. I closed my eyes and Sarah had to nudge me to get me to open them as Marty was pretending to serenade me with Pete Murray’s ‘You think you’re so beautiful...’ in front of the bus! Embarrassing – he definitely got a slap for that effort. Anywho we didn’t end up arriving until after 7pm in the end. I was pretty excited for a night out after being cooped up in a hell hole for the past two nights. There was a big festival on in the middle of the campsite that night (traditional music, Sarah’s specialty in Europe!) and also a cool little underground bar called ‘The bomb Shelter’ which was only for Bus About and Contiki.

We checked in and went in search of our room, which we could not even locate on the map! We must have looked lost because a guy came out of a room and offered directions to us. I am sorry Craig but I have to say this guy was absolutely beautiful – Irish with these big brown eyes and dark hair. I told Sarah she must go for him!! So with our friendly (gorgeous) mate’s directions we found our room straight away. It was truly amazing. It was meant to be a 4 person dorm but they had like 3 single bunks joined on the bottom and then 3 on top so it is just this huge arse bunk. Probably a bit awkward if your bunk is joined with another  random person’s but so far there was only one other person’s luggage in the room and it was getting towards 8pm. We decided to take the whole of the top bunk!

I was pretty keen to get my drink on (who me??) so I grabbed out my very warm wine and went to the restaurant in search of a bottle opener. They opened it for me but said they were not allowed to give me plastic cups so I went and poured my warm wine into my Powerade bottle and Sarah did the same with her warm champagne! We had this with some tuna and crackers we had stored in our backpacks. It actually worked really well as this was the first place that we had taken food to and we would soon find out it is super expensive. Switzerland are one of the few countries in our travel log that don’t go with the whole Euro currency thing too so we had to pay a rate of 1% of the purchase on our travel cards. They do accept Euros at most places here but it works out even more expensive than when paying with Swiss Franc. We drank out of our drink bottles on our little balcony as we were just above where the band was playing. At around 10pm when they were finishing up we ventured downstairs. We spoke with another Bus Abouter for a bit, Paige. She showed us pictures of the bed bug bites she had gotten during her travel. OMG I have never seen anything like it!!! Crazy, they were massive and so swollen, she actually had to go to Hospital. Then Marty came up to us and started to have a chat. He saw some friends as told Sarah and I to go over to see them with him. We decided to go to the nearby bar and get a drink whilst he chatted. I went and got my tickets for the beers. I paid in Euros and they could only give me swiss francs in change so that actually worked out quite well for me. Marty came back over and we cursed him for not telling us how bad Milan was! He could not get over the fact that we were only staying in Lauterbraunnen for one night and to be honest neither could I so Marty advised us to skip Como and stay there with everyone. We were pretty sold on the idea from the beginning, this meant we could do our sky diving thing over the alps!! Don’t worry about the fact that I already had arranged Como accommodation and now we would have to pay for it for another 2 nights here also. So worth it! He couldn’t change it after 10:30 so said we would have to get up and try and change this at 8am tomorrow. Then Marty decided to go to the Toilet and asked us to mind his beer, I told him he was very daring doing that! So he marked the spot on his glass. When he had left, we decided to pour a shot into his beer! Chris, our new Aussie bartender friend from Rockhampton, was very eager to join in on the shenanigans! He only had red vodka though so this would not work. We ended up pouring a couple of shots of Plum Schnapps in there! He came back and actually picked up that there was more beer in his glass than before. We got him to try it and his face was priceless. I knew why when I sampled it – the most disgusting drink in THE world. Anyway, Marty, being the softie that he is – decided to take a ‘powernap’ and said he would meet us at the bomb shelter at 11:30 for some drinks time. Yeah, he never made it there. It is a pretty tough gig though, they have to get up at 6.45 and the bus didn’t arrive til like 19:30. Plus the microphone broke so he had to shout all day!

So Sarah and I met heaps of friends there. We had encouraged Paige to have a Weiner (sausage) and she ended up getting really sick from that and throwing up all night – some people just don’t have any luck! There is this game you play with these yum vodka and redbull shots where you skull the shot and stick the cap in your mouth and then try and spit it at this target to get another free shot. Pretty sure it’s impossible but apparently they like just giving out the shots for free anyway. Mine was nowhere near and neither was Sarah’s! We met another girl named Maxi who I didn’t really recognise but she said she had been on heaps of our buses. Now for the part where my head expanded rapidly so I could not fit out the door – ‘Yeah, I remember you because I always think – that girl is so pretty and has amazing hair’ nawww, she must like the dreadlocked look!

We all danced the night away and it was heaps of fun. How I had missed normal peoples’ company. I was back in my element! Now we just had to set the alarm and pray we could get on the bus in 3 days instead of the morning. Fingers crossed!!


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Words to describe Switzerland; beautiful, amazing, picturesque, perfect...

Lauterbraunnen, Switzerland