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Back to what I do best, other than binge drinking.

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Marginally better day in Milan. Last night = Nightmare. So after my night of drinking wine by myself I was pretty pumped to go back to the room and get to sleep early off that. When I got back to the room Sarah was napping on one bed and one of the Canadian girls was on another bed. There are two Canadian girls in our room and they chose two different sets of bunks so they could each have a bottom bunk which I thought was slightly cheeky. Anyway the other one was up doing something, slowly getting in her pj’s or something. She must have gone to brush her teeth or have a shower or something so I turned off the light as everyone else was sleeping. I was so eager to get to sleep as the discomfort was horrendous, this place is like a sauna and for some reason the rooms don’t have any form of cooling. Makes things very uncomfortable when there are 6 people crammed in a small room in 40 degree heat. Anyway when I turned off the light I must have somehow fell to sleep. That was until the girl decided to come back in the room and turn on the light with the 3 of us sleeping, including her friend! So then she left again for some other errand. I got up pretty angry and went to get a juice you do. On my way out Sarah asked if I could turn off the light, I grumpily responded ‘I thought I already did that’, turned it off again and retreated to get a late night snack/drink from the vending machine. When I got back surprise, surprise – the light had magically come back on and the stupid Canadian chick was in bed reading while her friend and Sarah tried to sleep. I also got in bed and attempted to fall asleep again, with significantly less luck than the first time.

She went on her merry way and read and read ‘til her hearts content. Nice. I must say it was not particuarly late at this stage but would you not go and read a book elsewhere if 3 roommates were attempting to sleep and quite clearly (cue deep sigh) not being able to. I can’t describe how angry I was. Also it was all the worse considering Sarah was sniffling and I was coughing and all we wanted was an early night! The cheek of some. I will get over my rant. But I seriously was wondering if we could just catch a train to the next location. Oh and the worst bit – because it was so damn hot you have to leave the doors open – because this chick left the light on and door open I have bites on my face, arms, legs, butt, fingers, hands and everywhere in between. Ok over it this time I swear.

Woke up at 8am which wasn’t too bad, if I had have actually fallen asleep it would have been much better. The other 2 roomies got home at staggered times during the night and both woke me up.

We were pretty keen to get out of jail as soon as possible. The had said they offer ‘breakfast’ which was kind of cool so we went down to see what the go was. You could either get a stale roll or a bowl of cornflakes with warm milk. I opted for a stale roll which wasn’t so bad. I just smothered it in peach jam and it went down well enough. The arancia (orange) juice was so bitter you pretty much couldn’t drink it (no-one touched theres after it had been poured!). On the upside – the coffee was actually pretty amazing. I think I will settle for that tomorrow. So the plan for that day was to shop along Corso Buennos Aires. We walked to QT8 subway as I had googled and worked out that we had to get off at Lima which was on the same line as us. We got our tickets easily enough and found the platform we needed. Quite simple really, these train systems really are something else. It did take around 15 minutes for the train but half the population is on holidays and it would have been at least an hour and fiffteen mins had we been back at home.

It turned out that it was 15 stations away, which may sound like a lot but all stations are super close and it took no time at all. We got off and were in the middle of the shopping strip which was ultra convenient. Pretty sure we bought about 6 items of clothing in the first 2 shops we entered..whoops. How I have missed the joys of shopping. It is always dangerous to attempt it when I am in a dodgy mood – retail therapy cures all! I wasn’t actually feeling too bad though considering the lack of sleep.

We shopped and shopped and shopped. Thanks for the top up of funds Ma, I definately would have done it myself but finding it a bit hard to get a netcode SMS when I don’t have that freakin number atm. It hasn’t gone in yet though so my travel account is looking extremely bad atm! It is so good here though – I am lucky to find 1 thing I like when shopping in Melbourne – everything is amazing here!

So by about 3pm we were kind of over the whole retail thing. We would actually look around Milan but we really couldn’t be bothered so we caught the tube back home. We didn’t end up getting back until about 4pm. Next? We went back to the room and chucked out old clothes so the new clothes would fit in our backpacks of course! I had told Sarah about how good my flafel kebab had been the previous evening and how cool my friends from the ‘kebap’ shop were so she was pretty keen to experience it all. We decided to go to the supermarket first (actually open today, woo) an get a bottle of wine and then get a kebab to share and have a little picnic. In the supermarket we found crackers, pesto, cheese, pesto pasta salad and Malibu, so we decided to get our own picnic and skip the whole kebab thing. I was going back to my friends to get some plastic cutlery so I decided to purchase a bottle of coke from them so we didn’t feel so bad. Sarah asked how much it would be for one falafel ball so she could sample one; they ended up giving us a ‘present’ each! How lovely.

We are currently still at the little plastic tables outside long after our picnic! A bottle of Malibu later. Although I have discovered it is the end of an era for Malibu and I. I can’t drink anything other than beer or champagne now – this makes me one hell of a cheap shout. Some stupid Europath tour group came in today. The girls were very annoying. They were like opening the shower curtains while we were still in them – clearly as our clothes were outside?! Then they got in and started singing at the top of their lungs. Americans I think, explains everything. I just want to meet up with our Bus About mates again, it is so sad that we have had no contact with anyone in 2 nights. We have been speaking to Chloe on FB though and their last night in Nice is the same as the night we return for the night also – big night out then!! Looking forward to moving on from this hole. The checkout time here is before 10am and our bus isn’t until 2pm so hopefully we can leave our bags here and go. The Hostel probably don’t even allow that though. Can you tell I am pretty excited to move onto Switzerland?! When we were at the supermarket last night I bought this Cinque Terre wine which I have been dying to try so I am looking forward to cracking that open as soon as we arrive in Switz. More from there tomorrow.


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