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Milan - the capital of the...Bronx???

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Today was the first day that I actually arrived in a new place and my first thought was; this is shite. And Milan of all places. We caught the bus at 8am. I had a quick catch up goss session with Carlos as he was driving the other bus – He asked why I looked so sad, really? Me, here, now?

So on the bus and our service stops were nothing to write home about..not sure why I am come to think of it. At least we got to drive back past Monte Carlo and I chose the right side of the bus this time so I actually got some pictures. Was very hard from the bus as there were many trees in the way to block a beautiful view, I had to press the button like a minute in advance. It really probably only took a couple of hours to get to Milan but with the service stops we didn’t arrive until close to 2pm. The bus dropped us pretty much at the hostel which was pretty cool. Although this is when ‘cool’ ended. Usually there is about 60 people checking into the Bus About hostels at once, the staff have it down pat and it is generally a quick process to check in. I think there were probably about 7 different pairs/individuals who got off at Milan. We had 4 people in front of us and it took a whole 45 minutes!!! This may have been why I disliked the city from the start but was only the beginning of it. The lobby looked nice enough and all, god knows I saw enough of it. When we finally got to check into our 6 female dorm, I kid you not, It looked like a prison cell. There were 3 sets of bunk beds and thats about all. We have a locker outside of our room and I daren’t venture to the bathroom after hearing about Sarah’s experience. There is nothing I can explain it like more than a prison. I will take photos and hopefully that will help in justifying it. For this reason we pretty much just checked in and decided to head out. We were kind of hoping for dinner that evening but apparently it is some Italian holiday and the guy behind the reception had said that not even the supermarkets were open. Yes, ‘the guy’ (only one) who moved in the slowest pace I have ever seen. He did suggest one shopping centre which may have a supermarket open. We walked out in search of that but got a little lost. On the way back I worked out where we were and we headed in the right direction. Even with this it was impossible to find. We did manage to find a Macca’s that was open though so I got a Coke Zero and a Banana/Strawberry frappe (apparently they decided just to put ice-cream in there though). That was literally the only thing open though. On the way back the ‘Gellateria’ had opened so we stopped for ice-cream..okay it wasn’t exactly ice-cream – more in the form of a budweiser. I had attempted to get wine but he tried to charge me 2 euros for the one that was cold so I wouldn’t buy it just on principle.

After this we came back to the hostel and used wi-fi, still not keen to venture into the room. When we got bored of this Sarah decided to go for a nap. I came back to the room too but instead of napping I decided to crack open a warm Heineken (left over from previous night) and read some of my book. There are two Canadian girls staying in our room also, either they don’t particuarly like us or they are mute. One has said about 3 words but still haven’t heard the other one talk, weird.

Sarah didn’t feel like leaving the room so she had a can of tuna and some crackers. Me, I decided to make the Milan bronx fun. I set out to the kebab/pizza shop on my own, it was literally the only food place open and I noticed on the menu that they sold bottles of ‘vino’ for 5-10 euros. I still had Lozz’s wise word’s ringing in my head that I need to taste Italian wine so I set off on my own adventure. It was a little overwhelming as there is about 10 Italian guys who just hang outside the shop all day. We had decided to walk on the other side of the road earlier. Anyway, I was hungry/thirsty so I thought what the hell? I walked down there, got a Flafel Pandine and a bottle of pinot Grigio. I met my friend Em’re who worked behind the counter. His friend came in and asked some questions but lost interest when Em’re translated that ‘no, I was not Turkish’ – only in a kebab shop. So Em’re got my Panadine, first with meat on it so he made me a new one. Opened my wine and supplied me with plastic cup (no plural, sad Ashton). I walked back to the Hostel with my wine and Panadine and consumed both at the tables I noticed out the front with the cute umbrellas. Conveniently the wifi reaches this far, so, I find myself for the second night in a row drinking on my own and writing my blog. Someone please tell me this is not sad?! I would love to have a friend but there were literally no ‘cool’ people who got off the bus in Milan. Kinda know why now.

Anyway I am very hopeful that tomorrow will be better. On the bus Lynda was telling us what there was to do in Milan. Museum blah blah church blah blah Cathedral...SHOPPING?! Hell yes. I am hoping the city is much cooler because they seriously could not hold fashion week twice a year in this hole. It is like Doveton/Dandenong and I can’t even get a proper meal. First night from hell!!! The guy at reception explained that there is no water in Milan so everybody just evacuates to nearby towns at times of the holiday season. So anyway back to shops – there is the fashion strip with every designer known to man Gucci, Versace, Guess just to name simply a few. That is not where I am going. I am going to the ‘average’ shops known at Corlos Buennoes Airres or something like that anyway. Over 350 ‘average’ stores – my idea of heaven. So Sarah and I planned on going to sleep early and getting up early to explore this shopping town – may depend on how quickly the half empty bottle of wine in front of me is consumed.

Kind of looking forward to making my way to Spain, pretty over the people that are on the buses atm. Oh well, will let you know how the rest of my ‘alone time’ goes in the AM – haha.


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