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That..that could have gone a lot better...

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Possibly the worst day ever was about to commence. I was up early which was pretty fortunate as there was like live music on at 7am which was very random. Even funnier was that it was like daft punk and stuff! I met Josh out the front of reception and we were loving it, made us all pumped to be awake that early! Then he was in need of a few cups to have is vitamins with so we swapped and I gave him a plastic cup in exchange for some Vitamin C and Multi Vitamin tablets - pretty muchg the only healthy thing I have consumed since I have been away. We just walked around the campsite doing little until the bus was due to depart at 8am. Steve was on the Munich bus in preparation for Octoberfest so we said farewell to him. Then Josh discovered he had no idea where his passport was. I went through one of his bags and located it so he was pretty happy with me. We made Josh go to our cabin and carry both of our backpacks to the bus. Sometimes males do come in handy apparently!

Unfortunately Marty was on the bus that went back to Munich so we had Melissa who was okay but significantly more introverted than Marty. The bus was meant to arrive in Nice at 6.30 pm after an 8am start, we ended up arriving at 20:30 after an 12.5 hour trip from hell. We were sitting in front of Fraggles and that is definitely not something you want to do for that period of time so I pretty much just plugged in my earphones and listened to music while the bus drove on, well didn’t really move due to the traffic but anyway. I had to laugh when they played ‘whatever you like’ and ‘can you believe it’ within like 10 minutes of each other on the same station (Craig). So after a very long day we were pretty stuffed to arrive in Nice at 8:30. I had actually decided to book a nearby hotel for that night as we had stayed at the Bus About Hostel on our first drive through Nice and wanted to change it up a bit. Big mistake. We went into the Hostel to use wi-fi and look for directions. The guy at reception was a real pig and yelled at me for not asking first. We finally got in and the wifi wouldn’t Sarah got hers working for a few minutes and we google mapped the hotel. I assured her I could find it without her googling the address so we left. A nice couple helped us find the right street and we walked up and down.. and up and down...and up and down..and then around it! I was so confused as I found every street on the map and knew we had done a lap of it! We walked to a nearby hotel and they were really helpful and googled the directions and number for us. We finally found number 59.. which was a doctor’s surgery... with tiny letters that read ‘Hotel Victor Hugo Nice’. I went through the gates and rang the bell. No action inside. Umm. I went back and read the sign – reception available from 08:00 – 20:00. Great. Our bus hadn’t arrived until 20:30 and I reckon we had been walking for at least an hour so we were definately not getting in! Under usual circumstances I would have sat on the street and cried but the overseas me said ‘we have friends at the hostel, lets go sleep on their floor if we have to’. So we did. We went into reception and checked if they had a bed (one single between us would have been great right now!). The rude pig couldn’t find us one so I just asked if we could go for a ‘drink’ at the bar as we were parched. He said we could have 2-3 minutes (PIG) and then we had to leave. Once inside we ran into a girl that we had literally met for 20 minutes the first night in Switzerland and told her the story. She was like ‘well it’s fine to sleep on my floor but everyone is trying to sneak in and being caught. Reception are mad. Just make it to the baggage area and then we will try from there. We couldn’t really find the baggage area and the pig walked past us and said he had told us to go straight to the bar and walked off. We saw Fraggles and were explaining the situation when Katherine walked back past (friend from Switz) and told us to go up the stairs and she had left the door open. We hurried up and dropped our bags on the floor. We were so relieved, covered in sweat and in dire need of a drink, but relieved even so. Only problem? We couldn’t risk leaving the room and getting kicked out as this guy seriously had eyes everywhere. We were going to go and have one drink at the bar but there were a few issues with this. We obviously didn’t have a key, no-one was in the room and we didn’t want to leave some random people’s room open with all of their possessions in it. The other problem was that apparently the reception guy worked between the bar and reception. We found out Fraggle’s room was right next to our, Molly was in their also randomly, and she agreed to go and get me some beer and Sarah a coke zero from the next door supermarket. We still hadn’t watched our sky diving either so when she came back with our goodies she said we should watch them on her laptop. We put them on – funny stuff. Sarah was all cute-like, me – slightly less so. I was actually a bit calmer than I had remembered being though! Have discovered that I have the worst voice ever though and feel sorry for anyone who has to listen to me daily (Craig, this is you again). Anyway it will be funny to watch it when I get back and reunite with everyone. Apart from the golf ball cheeks, that is just pure embarrassment!

It was kind of funny coz we just sat in the corner of the hostel for a little while and some random people started coming in. We had met this guy Sam whilst hovering outside the bar and he happened to be staying in room 30 also. He had been in Switzerland also but I can’t say I had really spoken to him. Anyway he was like ‘yeah, yeah stay in our room that’s cool. I will donate my sleeping bag and I even have an inflatable pillow’ aww.

We met 3 other girls in the room also; Jess (Melb), Corrine (Gold Coast), and Ashley (Gold Coast). They were all so lovely and had no issue whatsoever with us sleeping on the floor that they had pad good money for! We chatted for ages until it was like 12:30 and we had to go to sleep as we had to wake up at like 7am for the bus. Haha what a day. I was in between a laugh and a cry that night! I guess it may be funny to look back on, not so much at the time. Probably our biggest fail so far though so I guess we emerged from it okay, could have been a different story if we couldn’t sneak into the hostel though!!


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