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Lake Taupo, Rapids and a sore knee (again!)

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So today we decided we wanted to go back to Lake Taupo.  It really is a beautiful place and we had such a warm welcome there and the shopping looked fantastic that a journey back seemed like such a good idea.  As we approached the day brightened and when we parked by the lake the views were stunning.  We had decided that on the journey back we were going to go on the Hukafalls Jetboat ride and so we hadn't left ourselves much time at all.  The first shop we went to was a rugby clothes store.  Var had bought a Scotland top in Queenstown that she really liked but when she went to put it on it seemed to have a sun mark on it so she wanted to get a replacement and buy one for her dad as well.  One of the things I really wanted to buy over here was a Canterbury Crusaders top as they are the New Zealand team I follow.  When I was in Queenstown I had asked about the tops and was told that there were no more left in the country.  As soon as we walked into the shop in Lake Taupo, Var spotted her Scotland tops and there was 1 Crusaders top and it was in my size!!  I grabbed it and the guy at the desk said "grab it while you can, it's the last one".  Apparently after the earthquake in Christchurch the shops had to shut and so their stock had been sent around the country.  Anything left was going to be sent to Auckland for the semis and final, this one was about to be sent but I had got to it first.  Exit two very happy shoppers. laugh


Just enough time left for a quick coffee and bite to eat before heading back in our home-on-wheels to our next stop, Hukafalls.  I had been on a jetboat ride when I was in Canada and we had gone through rapids which was pretty hairy.  This ride went down a river to the falls so it wasn't as hairy in that respect but the pilot did far more 360 degree turns.  We got soaked through.  Var loved it.  The river was beautiful as was the waterfalls.  Unfortunately as we got out of the boat I fell onto my left knee which I had hut before I left the UK.  Not too much damage was done although it was sore. 

Back in Rotorus we decided we were going to head out for something to eat and have a few drinks.  We haven't drunk much since we've been here and although we didn't want to get drunk we did want to relax.  We had seen adverts for a place called Lone Star so decided to head there.  There was more life in that one restaurant than we had seen on each of the previous nights we had been out.  The food was fantastic.  Not sure we have anything to compare back in the UK, TGIs is the closes but really it's nothing like it.  As always the portions were huge so properly sated we headed back to bed planning on getting up early the next morning ready for a trip to the thermal wonderlands!


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