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As you can tell this is all being written in retrospect so now we are on Saturday 8th. 

Remarkably we woke this morning feeling refreshed which was unexpected.  We had planned nothing for today because we were going to be watching the quarter-finals tonight and so couldn't wander too far and we also weren't sure how we would feel.  Anyway Saturday morning we went back to the Maui depot in the hope that we would be able to take more of the instructions in, and we did to a degree and then we had a drive around Christchurch.  We needed to pick up some more groceries so went back to the supermarket we had visited yesterday.  Then we just went exploring and I'm not sure either of us are pleased we did.  The devastation even on the outskirts is awful and really made us think about what had happened to this city and its people.  The centre is cordoned off so you just can't get in however, you can still see what the earthquake did beyond the barriers.  However, most of the Kiwis we met are pretty upbeat about it all although lives were lost and they have lost a lot of revenue due to world cup matches being rescheduled, but I think that's the Kiwi way, positive not negative.

That evening we wandered to a pub we had seen on our travels, The Rose & Thistile to watch the rugby.  This is the main reason we are here after all.  There was a fantastic crowd in the pub, fans of all sides drinking together.  I was the only Wales supporter though.  For me, it was a great night of course, my boys won, which means that whatever happens next, I will get to see them play in New Zealand.  Surrounded by England supporters, Var and I couldn't cheer to loud when the French won but we were both secretly pleased.  The team have done themselves no favours over here and made very few friends which is a real shame.

Walking back to the campervan after the matches we were passed by a couple of Kiwis who congratluated me on the win and said, "see you in the final'.  Fingers crossed.

Next stop Queenstown.


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RWC 2011

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