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T Day!

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Finally!  After months and months of planning, it's here.  Those of you who have had to suffer the interminable countdown can breathe a sigh of relief.  It's over...we have reached Trip Day!  Had to work this morning and have to say I have not felt so relaxed on a Wednesday morning before.  I'm usually stressing about my meeting but no stress at all today which was great.  All the girls at work were wonderful as well, some making me cry (you know who you are!)

So what have been the last minute crises?


I have never, ever fretted so much about what I am going to take on a trip before.  Not even when I went to Canada for 3 months.  One day I had too many tops and not enough bottoms and the next too many bottoms and not enough tops.  Then bags!  What bags to take?  Do I take an extra bag in my suitcase to bring goodies home in?  What handbag do I take?  Makeup, jewellery, underwear, shoes everything had full scrutiny and discussion, mainly with myself.  Eventually, I got to the point where I'm packed and that's it.  

Weigh of said packing.

Bag looks enormous and seems to weigh a ton.  So everything came out of bag, was scrutinised again and put back into bag in a different way.  Sorry?  Did you not know that folding the same clothes a different way makes them lighter?  Conclusion: - Bag looks enormous and weighs a ton.


It's a long flight. (I'm not saying how long out loud because if I don't say it, then it isn't so).  In my carry on bag I have: - Kindle, Nintendo DS, IPOD, notebook, puzzle book, Tamazepam.  Conclusion: - Carry on bag is enormous and weighs a ton (Can you see a theme yet?)  Am probably bypassing all the electronic gadgetry and heading straight for the drugs.  Hoping not to wake up until Hong Kong and even then it would be nice to be wheeled off the plane still snoring.

So throughout all this last minute mayhem, I was told and kept trying to repeat the mantra, "as long as you have your passport, dirving licence, flight details, money and match don't need anything else."  Did this help?  Well I'm checking I have my passport, driving licence, flight details, money and match tickets for the 100th time so I'll let you decide on that one!

See you on the other side of the world laugh








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