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Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the guidebooks!Talk

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Honestly!  This trip maybe the trip of a lifetime but it could also be the thing that finally sends me over-the-edge.

We thought we'd covered all the bases.  So what if there were hours and hours of drifving over the first few days after a 24hour flight.  So what if we don't have time to draw breath until we get to Rotorua 9 days after leaving the UK.  The pain will be worth it, we'll be doing and seeing things we only dreamt of, won't we?  Well as it turned out very nearly not.

We had talked and talked and talked and planned and talked some more about our itinerary.  However, a chance remark meant that I checked howfar Queenstown was from Milford Sound.  Now, if you get the chance, check a map of the South Island and find Queenstown and then find Milford Sound.  At this point you'll be thinking to yourself, "why is she writing a blog about this".  On a map they look very close.  Easily done in a couple of hours, round trip of half-a-day maybe?  What we're forgetting is that this is New Zealand, not only that but it's the south of the South Island and main roads seem to be scarce.  So when I put in to drive from Queenstown to Milford Sound I was amazed when 3.5 hours came back at me.  The problem is that you have to drive down to Te Anau and then back up.  So bear in mind the cruise is a couple of hours this would mean a minimum of a 9 hour round trip!

The first question was why the **** hadn't we looked into this?

Once over the shock we started to problem solve.  I won't go into all the permutations we went through because there's not enough space.  What I will say is that there was a point where we both thought we would have to give up on the idea of cruising Milford Sound.

However, I had a brainwave and checked some options and found a fly-cruise-fly trip.  We fly from Christchurch, cruise Milford Sound and then fly back.  It's so much more expensive than what we had originally planned but we'll fly over the mountains and get to see the Sound by air as well.  Plus there will be no driving at all on this day which will be great.  We'll get back in time to watch the rugby and everything stays on track.

Just as an aside, I decided to call them to check availability.  Everything was ok until I asked the chap, "Where do you fly from?"  HIs response......"The airport?"  i try to keep it together for the rest of the convo but am hysterical with laughter as I say goodbye and put the phone down.  Luckily he has no idea who I am!



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RWC 2011

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