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Is there still time to put some training in?

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Okay, so we're 4 weeks away to T-Day and time is slowing down but then I knew it would, I've been thinking about this trip for so long now, since New Zealand were announced as the hosts in fact, that there was going to come a day when time would stand still.  It's that strange time period though when there is still so much left to do and ONLY 4 FREAKING WEEKS and where time at work drags and OMG WILL THIS DAY EVER COME.  So not wishing to cause any offense, the only way I can think of to describe it is "bipolar".  

So, we were in a quandary.  All of the travelling and staying is now sorted as you know.  However, there have been concerns raised about the night of the final itself.  We can't seem to find any definitive information about transport from Auckland back to our "hotel-on-wheels" which will be based at Orewa and we don't want to have to leave right after the final and miss out on the atmosphere.  We discussed getting a hotel room for the night but by the time we got round to it all that was left were $NZ500 a night rooms or hostels.  Now I'm game for most things, but the thought of spending a night in a bunk bed surrounded by drunken, sweaty, smelly, burping, farting and who-knows-what-else people really does not appeal. (And just for the record I am counting myself amongst that delicious crew...we will have been awake drinking, shouting and celebrating for a long, long time after all).  

The only option was to hope we would find somewhere to be until late and/or then get transport back. Park bench anyone?  Well, Var works with someone whose niece (I think) lives in New Zealand and she is visiting Glasgow now.  So they had a chat and she's told us there will be places open all night!  Hoorah!  Hoorah? Erm....one minute I'm 45, I'll be 46 then, and it's been a long time since I pulled an all-nighter!  The last time I got drunk, on Sauvignon Blanc during a "let's get used to the local NZ drink night" no less, the morning after was not pleasant as those of you who work with me will remember.  So I have 4 weekends left to train.  I plan to start Friday a.m. when watching the opening match on TV.  Now all of those tutting at the idea of alcohol being drunk at that time of day, please remember that this is a crucial part of the planning.  If I can't get match fit for final night, then I will end up sleeping somewhere completely inappropriate covered in bodily fluids, mine or those of the people surrounding me.  So reel your necks in and show me some support!  It's a tough job......


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RWC 2011

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