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A rather relaxing Wednesday in the land of sweat

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Sarah and I had planned to do absolutely nothing today other than lay poolside. We woke up a bit later today and had actually slept through the night, yay Restavit!! We went down to the pool around 9 or 10 and lay there. I have done a something involving using a brain this week and began reading a book. Usually in the Jacuzzi but still! We got a little over this after an hour or so and decided we couldn't do this all day, second best thing? Shopping of course! It was a little annoying as it had been the only day with a fairly strong breeze, not so good for the pool but would have been handy when walking around a hot city for the past few days.

I couldn't find much information on Rome Shopping after a very brief search, but did manage to find one quite local which was described as being a place for 'young, trendy Romans'. Yeah why not, we had nothing better to do and figured we would just get a coffee if worst came to worst. It was a very sad day for us as Adam and Brent were checking out and we would have no-one to eat dinner with..and steal food off. Actually I did but them a pack of chocolate crossiants and a bag of chips to return some of their lost food - although I have ended up eating most of the replacement food also! So anyway we saw them waiting at reception when we went to the bus so we said a quick farewell and of course agreed to stay in touch via the wonderful world of Facebook. At least we have friends if we ever decide to go to NZ.

We caught the bus and train(s) to Maroni which is where I thought these shops were. Although when we got there we had no idea to go. We walked for ages in one direction where we thought there may be shops. We finally saw a sign of shops and were so happy. We went into one shop which was really cool and then continued down the street. Unfortunately we sort of forgot that everything here is closed pretty much from 11 - 3 (at least) for Siesta so we ended up having to window shop anyway. Proabably safer. I did buy a dress and sandals from the street, Sarah laughed and said we are supporting the black market. I desperately needed some though - have been through so many shoes since we have been here!!

I found a pharmacy and begged for antibiotics but he didn't want to give them to me so instead sold me ibuprofen or something. I took 2 straight away and it seems to have cleared things up for the moment. Still have a pathetic little voice but the throat isn't so sore so all is looking up.

So we strolled around for a bit and then managed to get a bus back to Cornelia, it is usually 2 different train rides - the bus was so much more convenient. We got back hot and sweaty just for a change and decided to go jump in the pool again. It was so lovely in the afternoon and the breeze helped to ensure we didn't overheat. We jazuzzied (new word of mine), swam and then lazed by the pool with a diet coke. I think I actually fell asleep briefly in the sun. I was desperately craving a drink but my sensible side actually prevailed for one and I thought due to me being 'sort of' on the mend, I figure I can have one more day off and then get trashed Thursday onwards. Haha. Joking. Florence for one night and then a lovely little fishing village called Chinque Terre which I am SO excited about. Apparently you just sit around eating freshly caught seafood on the beach. Sounds terrible, I know. So thats right - another alcohol free day for me. I better be feeling 120% tomorrow after 2 sober days or I won't be happy! So after the fun at the pool we went across to the supermarket and bought spinach, tomatoes, beans, tuna, peppers and ricotta and made an amazing salad. Ate way too much but it was our first meal of the day. We sat at our picnic seat by ourself as no-one else had checked in and I jokingly asked the boys how their day had gone and what they were doing tonight. It was awfully sad!

So now I am sitting at the picnic seat by myself, with my eee pc, writing a blog which is slightly sadder. I have to say that I will be quite pleased to leave Rome tomorrow. 5 days is definately enough. Although it is amazing to learn about the vast amount of history, I do not rate the city itself. Including the locals. Definately worth going to though and doing the tours. Just make sure you stay at 'Camping Roma' though, although not if you are a fan of hot showers. I am not, hence I have had about 2-3 in 5 days. Smelling good now, alriiiighhht.


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