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A Walking tour of Rome city - finally!

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Sarah and I woke up early again just for a change. We were keen to get going pretty early as we wanted to get in a bit of shopping before wwe would have a second attempt at the walking tour! We had seen some pretty cool little shops near the Vatican so we decided to head there. We laughed as the 457 pulled up as we kept telling Adam and Brent that it didn't actually exist and they had just wanted us to miss the tour. Anyway it did pull up straight away and took us one stop from where we wanted to go which was pretty cool - but don't tell them that, we would never hear the end! So we did a spot of shopping. Actually I don't think I bought anything other than a Coke Zero but Sarah found her third pair of thongs. The 30 euro Tommy Hillfigers were so uncomfortable that she couldn't wear them, the second 10 euro pair from the supermarket melted black dye all over her feet so third time lucky hopefully! And she also bought a super cute dress.

We wanted to get to the walking tour meeting spot pretty early this time so we caught the train to Circo Massimo and had approx. 1.5 to spare. We were both pretty hungry but couldn't really find a good cafe or anything so we walked for a bit and found a supermarket. We stocked up on Salmon pasta salad, a can of tuna and beans each and a powerade. Next we went to find a spot to have a picnic - shade preffered in the severe heat. We walked just past the meeting spot and found a nice little patch of grass which was awesome beacause we looked out over amazing Roman ruins. We ate all of it and felt so ill but it was all so great that it was worth it!

We still had an hour so we just sat in the comfort of the shade and watched out over the sights of the city. We went to meet the group 15 minutes early and actually found it..yay!! Our Canadian Justin tour guide said 'Hey ladies, you were on the tour yesterday right? That's right you were the ones with the faces'..yeah that's us! So whilst seeing many different 'badass' sights we walked for 4 hours around the old city. We even walked through a Jewish Ghetto which was a lot less scary than it sounds! We saw a theatre from thousands of years ago which was apparently much the same as our theatre.. but people actually paid to see people getting killed by re-enactment. The slaves changed places with the actors at this time however and they were bashed to death in the face while pretending to be Romulus...nice.

I got so freaked out when we stopped for food as I was second in line for the toilet and the old lady in the shop started like pushing me away from the line and speaking to me in a very animated manner however I didn't understand what she was saying as it was in Italian. Everytime I started to take a step closer to the door she shoved me back. Afterwards I told Justin that she was evil and he said she was being really nice and didn't want me to have to stand in there and there are plenty of seats for everyone. It is so weird that the Italians come accross as angry and abrupt no matter what they are shouting at you!

So we saw the main sights of the city, finishing with a gruesome speel of the history of the coleseum while standing in front of it. Justin was just as funny today, don't think he ever gets sick of the words 'badass' and yyyeeeeaaahh' though!

I was feeling at my lowest, very ill and could hardly speak at all so I was surprised that I actually made it through the tour. We struggled home on the many forms of transport that you need to catch here. The tour finished at 6pm - worst time EVER. It was horrible getting on the stinking hot trains at this time and fighting the crowds - worse than Bastille Day I think! Plus people don't care if they push and bowl you over, in fact it is their way of life here. Justin had advised to not be scared to hit a child in the head while on our Vatican Tour! But the worst thing was, while crammed with my cheek against the side of the train, I began to have a coughing fit. I couldn't stop and it was impossible to stop!

So when we finished our train rides we got on the 246 bus home. All good and we had seats - Sarah near the window and me on the aisle - until I smelt something incredibly bad enter the train. This old man 'smelt like he had rolled in the garbage' as Sarah described. But he decided he wanted to stand next to me on the aisle and then as if that wasn't good enough - he sat on my hip and was like leaning his arm against mine. EEwwwwww! I cannot describe the smell or disgust but have been expressing my hatred to Sarah for the past 24 hours so pretty sure she knows.

When we got back we went straight to the supermarket as we both had a massive sushi craving. Apparently Italians aren't so big on the whole Japanese thing so try as we might, we hadn't been able to find sushi at all that day. We knew the supermarket had small trays which ranged from 7.90 - 14.90 Euro (super expensive) but it was so worth it to cure our craving. We came back and ate sushi, semi-dried tomatoes and sipped on juice (that's right guys) outside on our bench with Adam and Brent. It was nice to have dinner outside and chat along with them about our days. They were pretty funny as we had gone by the time we woke up and didn't get home until about 7.30 and they thought I had been in Hospital with food poisoning from the chicken! Apparently it had been sitting out all day as we don't have fridges. Lol, they were pretty impressed with my iron stomach! So after dinner we were all pretty stuffed, the boys sat outside and watched the Mechanic, Sarah went to bed straight after a Restavit and I took 2 and waited for them to hit while attempting to Skype Craig. We figured Restavit may be our only hope at some sleep! For some stupid reason the wi-fi goes down at 8pm every night so even though I had made Craig set his alarm to get up and have a Skype date with me, I couldn't even attend :( I even went down to pay for a computer but none were free. So by that time the tablets had pretty much kicked in and I went to bed and passed straight out for the firsdt time in a long time.

That's right guys - NO alcohol today for the first time all holiday! I didn't even mention 'beer' once. Go me, so proud. Maybe it was the fact that I couldn't speak. It definately wasn't by choice! The craziest I got was swishing around some salt water in my throat to try and kill some of this nasty bacteria I have going on. Okay, probably could have left that one out. Ciao for now!


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