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The 'perfect' second day in Rome

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I woke up at about 7:30am and after a good 1.5 hour sleep I decided to go straight to the pool, jump in, run back to the room. It was so refreshing. Oddly enough I felt quite fine. I got back and went in search of a wi-fi code. The wi-fi is meant to be terrible and never work but it has been fine for me so far. This has been my favourite day as I got to read my halfway report from Craig :) It was the cutest e-mail ever and made me smile lots. Glad to hear about everything going on back in Aus Land. Please leave anything involving MFC out of the next one though, pretty sure I would be weeping right now if I was back at home!

So I spent about an hour on my pc and then Sarah, Beej and I decided to go and check out the supermarket which is directly opposite the camp site. Marty had talked it up majorly on the bus and said they have EVERYTHING. He didn't lie. They have everything from canned tuna to wide screen tv's. We literally spent an hour wandering up and down the aisles just wide-eyed and checking every product out. We got some salad and rolls and stuff and went to have a picnic out the front of our cabin with our neighbours. It was really cool but we got a little side tracked with the time thing and thought we had better get into the city soon as we had booked and paid for the walking tour. Adam and Brent were going to check out the Coloseum so we all went to catch the bus together. Shortly after we got there a bus pulled up which was the 246, the one that all the guides had told us to catch to the Metro train line. The boys 'wisely' said 'nah don't get on that one because the 247 comes really soon after and takes you closer to the city'. We hesitated a bit but they assured us it always came. like 30 minutes later and we had like half an hour to get to our metro station for the walking tour, which was the same amount of time as it would take to get to the train station. Not looking good. We had to wait until the 246 came back around which was pretty much just before 2! We got off at the first station and caught the metro but we had to catch it to another station so we could get the correct line. Yeah we had like 9 minutes left and were stressing! Why did we not leave earlier you ask? I am pretty sure I am in a delirious state and have no idea what is going on at the moment. So we got off the train and there was one waiting directly opposite, we didn't have time to check if it was 'Linea B' so we just jumped on before the doors shut. It was going back the way we had just come from... We got off at the first station and caught one straight back as we had just left the boys there. When we got back they were still waiting at the proper Line B...and laughing hysterically at us. We said we just wanted to fill in some time before the correct train came!

So the station that we were meant to meet at was only 4 stops away but it was quarter past now and apparently they don't even wait 2 minutes for you. Bye Bye 40 euros. We ended up just getting off at the Coloseum with the boys. It's so cool, you see it directly in front of you as soon as you leave the station. It's awesome looking,. The boys had pre-booked tickets (so organised, unlike us) so they could go straight in. We thought we would just go for a walk around for a bit. I think the combo of no sleep, extreme heat and everything else started to play a part finally and I felt really ill. I was scared that I may pass out so we had a walk around in a circle and caught the Metro back. It was just as confusing on the way back so we didn't get back until like 5pm still. We went straight to the supermarket and bought pesto dips, crackers, cheese, tuna stuffed peppers and went and had a picnic. I have pretty much just been chilling out with my laptop since, catching up on my blogs. I hope you guys are appreciating them as I am getting eaten alive. The mozzies are the worst here!!! I am hoping to stay up long enough to speak on Skype to everyone but I am feeling so pathetic that I think I will be asleep in like 30 minutes maximum. I have sent Sarah to the supermarket to get me a drink as I think that is the only thing that will make me sleep at the moment. How is it that I can get no sleep at all and still not be able to sleep???? Not cool.

So I didn't finish this journal and for some reason posted what I had twice. The way this story ends is that I couldn't sleep and Brent, Adam, Sarah and Beej were all chatting outside the cabin so I went to join for 'a little while'. There are some absolutely crazy Aussie guys in the chalet opposite us (Melbourne, of course) and they invited us to their drinking game. Hmmm bed or drinking game...I am sure you can all guess which option won out. We played 'kings' which was pretty funny. The funniest part was each person that gets a king has to fill a cup with some of their own drink and the last person to get a king has to down the whole thing - it was....SARAH!!

So the security had to give us warnings 5 times before we finally evacuated as you are not allowed to drink outside the cabins after 23:00. We just sat on the ground outside the bar and restaurant, definately too cool to go in! The only thing that happended after this point is I got really hungry and Adam and Brent said they had a couple of things in their cabin. They gave me their key and Sarah and I scoffed 3 chocolate crossiants, 1 bag of chips and a banana!! I just kept saying they owed us for making us miss our walking tour. They had actually given us free tickets to St. Peters as they felt so bad so it was pretty mean that I was rubbing it in! Unfortunately we already had entry to there for the next day. Why is it the only free things are of no use! So after eating all their food we disappeared and went to bed.


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