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The first day in Rome - 'That could have gone a lot better'

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After an early start, leaving the Venice Camping grounds at 8am we were pretty excited for another camping adventure in Rome for 5 nights. Apparently it was very similiar to Venice but better! We thought we would just get the 'slow' bus which was going via Ancona as it worked for us on the way to Venice; had so much room on it and pretty sure we still got their first. This was definately not the case this time. Poor Nick the driver, I have never felt so sorry for someone before. It was the first day of the Italian holiday so the roads were just bumper to bumper. But unlike anything you have ever seen before, made the Monash seem like a breeze at peak hour! The other bus didn't have to go on that road to get to Rome so they ended up arriving 4 hours earlier - we were on the bus for 11.5 hours that day! Definately got it wrong that time. So what do you do when you are on the bus to Rome for 11 hours or so? Watch Gladiator of course! Marty, the Bus About guide was hilariously funny and it was his personal favourite film, pretty sure he could quote every line. One girl cried at the end on a previous trip and he thought that was so great that he bought her a beer when they arrived. He told us all the stories of Rome (there was many) but had the funniest way of telling them. He would be like 'So this bloke Cesear sees this chick Cleopatra and say to himself - oh might give her a crack' and just used the funniest method of story telling. It was so weird coz I met him the previous night and he was speaking Italian to the Camping staff and he does it so well and you totally think he is so foreign and then he gets on the bus and says so aussie 'whats happening mate', was so weird.

So enough about the guide - not the most intriguing stories I'm sure. You should see everything in Italy. The service stops were soooo crazy. A million loud Italians in the food halls, pushing in all over the shop. Then they have this weird system where you have to que to get a ticket. Then que to get your food. Then que to pay. Pretty sure thats the arrangement but I always get confused when it is explained to me to I tend to stick to the packaged food in the little shops.

The poor people waiting to get on our bus had to sit in this stinking hot street with pretty much nothing around for 4 hours. They couldn't even leave as they had no idea what time we would be arriving. The bus driver actually had to pull over on the side of a freeway as Europe has really strict driving hour rules and he couldn't make it to the service stop in time to have a break.

So we made it to Rome. After a sleepless night and 11 hours on the bus, I was ready to kill. We had to wait forever to check in at reception. The girl said we were nice and close and I was like 'wow, first one' as we are always on the top floor or the furtherest corner.

So we go and collect our backpacks, lug them all around the campsite and finally find our bungalow..where the light is on? We open the door slowly, sure that we weren't sharing, and there are two asian girls in there. The staff had booked us into a room which already had people in it. God dammit. So we lug our backpacks back to reception which is of course at the very front and explain. The other room had been like 30 and our new room is 260 - the very last row of bungalows. Amazingly happy by this stage. If I had a weapon I probably would have stabbed someone, or myself.

We checked into our brand new room, dropped our bags and went in search of food. We met Molly at the Restaurant and ordered our food. I got an Antipasto platter - if you could give me a plate of every type of food that I hate, this is what I was served up. A couple of pieces of cheese and some other crap coated in deep fried batter. Ewww. That was the first thing I was going to have eaten for the day too and was SO excited, then I ate a few bites of the centre and left them with a nice bowl of batter. I cannot describe how disgusting it was. None of the meals actually looked that special, I think the only safe thing here is Pizza. Just so happens to be a dish I am not massive on. So this is my second attempt an an alcohol free night. I skulled three beers in a row after the debacle of that day! Beej walked in just as we were finishing so he got some pasta while I drank a beer. Sarah looked like she may die at any given moment, Molly looked similiar and Beej could barely speak he was so tired! I still have no idea how I happened to get a fresh burst of energy when I still hadn't slept more than about 3 hours at all that week and had just come off the most draining bus trip that exsisted. So there was a traffic light party on that night (lame I know) and Sarah and I discussed that we would have a quiet night. Yeah I didn't rate that plan after my 3 beers. Don't worry Craig, was planning on wearing my red nails and belt to the traffic light party. All the girls were wearing green with their trashiest short shorts. Nice. But even worse were the ones in Yellow! (When in Rome).

There is a supermarket in the middle of the camping grounds so we went there for more beer stocks. They didn't have a fridge so we ended up getting a bottle of Vodka and some OJ to share. We came back and drank out the front of our bungalow. You share with the people next to you so we were drinking with these awesome guys (NZ also surprisingly!). Molly felt so sick that she had a sip of Vodka and said she was going back to her room to sleep. Don't think Sarah and Beej actually made it to the bar either as they were both tired. So of course I decided to go and drink the 1.5 litre buckets of cocktails with Brent and Adam, our newest friends. I was either drugged or there is some sort of ridicously strong alcohol in those things because my mind goes extremely hazy after the dance floor. Pretty sure I ditched Adam and Brent, I vaguely remember them telling me they were going - apparently that was 3. I made it home at 6 just for a change. Not really sure how I am still alive. We had felt so sorry for Beej as they had put him in a tent that we said he could stay on our spare bed - for some reason you get 3 at camping grounds. He had chosen my bed though and I have one that we right up the top. Definately smashed my head ridicously hard when I climbed up that night/morning. I seem to recall yelling out a very loud curse word. Apparently Beej had said that he was going to have that bed but had done that several times already so decided just to steal mine :(

The next day is pretty much as horrible as this day unfortunately.


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A Roman Disaster!

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