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Day 11

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Came home ill as couldn't concentrate in the lesson. Felt like hot rubbish taste in my mouth, cold and flemmy, runny nose, tired. Teacher sent me back to rest. Felt like this when I woke up - thought I'd make it through :-(

I feel bad missing the lesson as I was doing well and then with being tired I was missing stuff being said, and being ill I have no chance of knowing how to say anything from today's lesson. I was there for half an hour out of 3 and she doesn't go over it so I'll no doubt fail to answer any of the questions based on colours etc. in my final exam. My room mate doesn't even have to learn these as she is in the very first beginner's class which is basics. Should I have gone to that class? I do not know.

I am going to make it to and through calligraphy, I've had some paracetamol and hayleve tablets to get me by til later.

Was suppose to be going to the Llama Temple today...We'll see.



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