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Day 17 - Return Home

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Home Sweet Home.

I've been up since 8:45am Beijing time for my final day and not slept at all since then, tring to get sleep before waking up to travel was almost non-existent. After the graduation ceremony and meal I began packing at 9:10pm. I then after my first success at phoning home (typical on the last day!) and having a farewell chat with the girls as they had a drink, I was in bed at 11:33pm and then was awakened by Josey packing to leave at 3:30am for 4:00am. The maid then came in, said Ni hao, opened the curtains, turned on the lights and then began to clean by taking rubbish and making the bed!!


I couldn't find any other diary entries I made for this day, must have been too tired! Sorry.


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Beijing, China