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Week 1 Spends - Breakdown

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I arrived on day 1 with 1900RMB and gradually over the week I am left with...

Day 1:

Spent 346.00RMB

Total left 1554RMB

Day 2:

Spent: 67.50RMB

Total left: 1485.50RMB

Day 3:

Spent: 22.40RMB

Total left: 1465.10RMB

Day 4:

This is where my maths went all ski-wiff. But afterwards it adds up again, so I can't remember what I spent this day. - No I hadn't been out on the town or anything etc, but I was exhausted and so was my brain!

Day 5:

Spent: 147.50RMB and gained 100RMB to the pot after selling my phone card which didn't work on my phone service.

Total left: 1462.00RMB

Day 6:

Spent: 239.50RMB

Total left: 1222.50RMB

Day 7:

Spent: 264.00RMB

Total left: ...927.40RMB minus computer and internet charge to be deducted after I have uploaded my journals tonight.





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