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The Forbidden City and Tian An Men Square

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I filled as much as I could into the day...

It was my free day today and I got up at 9 o'clock, a great sleep, best I've had so far, even if I did get woken up by Josey in the middle oif the night comign in. It was nice to see what she had been up to for the day, papercutting, wouldn't mind doing that myself.

Nicky and I were on our own again today. We travelled on the subway to The Forbidden City and Tian An Men Square. I planned what I was going to do the night before and got me and Nicky there safetly, correctly and on time, we left at 11am and were there for 12:15pm. I packed biscuits and watyer to keep us going and a good job too, we were in there in total for 5 hours looking at both sites and we didn't even see half of it. Might go back with Josey to check out the rest as she hasn't been yet and it should have been 60RMB, but I got in for 20RMB using the student card BNU gave us. (Wouldn't have known only for talking to someone who had tried it elsewhere!) I wasn't blown away by it all, but the history and the culture of the sites made it a must see for me, it was enjoyable and memorable.

The amount of times as well today I've been asked to9 be in a photo with someone, felt guilty when 3 little girls asked, but I said no as it's a little bewildering they would want it, anyone for that matter, Nicky was happy to be in one! In my opinion it's either because I'm tall or western or both, but it must be that I look strange carrying a bag on my front, I've seen plenty today though copying or doing the same - my fashion has become a trend, that and it works wonders for keeping an eye on my bag after it being opened a couple of days ago.

I ate at a restaurant on Roast Duck Street tonight and had Pork and Rice, was absolutely spot on after not eating a meal all day again. I think we will end up travelling all the way back there on the subway just for some good grub at a reasonably low price - 27RM for a meal and drink thats 2pound70pence roughly.

I also added to my gifts today, some lovely buys, couldn't haggle on half of them and those I did I know I still paid way over the odds, but I am 99.9% sure that they cannot be bought or seen anywhere else outside of China, unless someone has been and got them. I'd like to think they are unique, I've not seen any more of them elsewhere :-D. I am satisfied with how much I've spent today, well worth it. Over the course of the week though I've spent a lot, and I mean a lot in terms of RMB. I came with 1900RMB and after Week 1 I have 930RMB left over to last me 10days.


Most of all I'm safe and I'm well.

Tra for now,

Jade x


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