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The Great Wall!

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Ni hao nimen,

Iv'e worn out my favourite pair of shorts!! I have one left and they are Karrimor so they should take the amount of walking we've been doing. If they go I only have a pair of tracky bottoms and formal trousers. I may have to buy some. Luckily with the way i'm living here I should have lost some weight and be able to fit in a pair :-).

The Great Wall was the thing I was looking forward to most rip wise and it let me down with the amount of queuing. I would'nt have minded the steps, IU was raring to go, but only made it to the 2nd turret out of 6 due to my group being tired and the queues stopping you from going fast and we were only given and hour and a half to get to the top and down, buy gifts if any caught our eye and be back ont he coach to leave. I will have to return one day, hopefully, and I will go to a less touristy biut of the wall as there are plenty of sections to visit. I want a t-shirt to remember China and wouild have liked a 'I climbed the great wall', but I didn't so, I tried later to get a Beijing zoo panda family one, but it was 95RMB which for the price I could get  a similar pandad t-shirt at home.

Highlights of today :

  • Ate spaghetti bolognese cheese bake. Best food I've eaten, and eaten all of it, in a week!!
  • Made a chinese lady cry by haggling her down from 300RMB to 140RM for 2 beautiful gifts carved at the great wall.
  • Went to Beijing zoo and say The Great Pandas up close, nearly went the Aquarium too, but it was closing. - They have whales in their tanks! Will definitely go back and see them, most probably next week now.
  • Navigated the subway system on my own as Nicky didn't have the foggiest - that who I pent the day with as Josey didn't come.
  • Made a few new friends
  • Was home and ready for bed at 8pm, going to bed at 10pm so I get 12 hours hopefully - Josey has talked in her sleep for 3 nights straight, last night was the worst and I was up at 5,45am to be ready for departure to the great wall at 7.45 and was constantly clock watching from 4am.


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