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Temple Of Heaven

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Language class was hard and grueling, but later in the day the group we made to go on the outting to the Temple of Heaven, we we cracked by taking out a class book and quizzing each other all around our walk in the tranquil gardens when the buildings shut.

Today I started to buy my gifts, I bought chinese artwork gifts of names I gave the lady to tanslate into characters using the chinese alphabetic meanings and symbols of traditional chinese fable. I also took some great pictures for Michaela and LAyla to have a giggle at. I did some planking and owling!

I ate at a restaurant for tea where I was nearly sick in my mouth while full of food when I discovered a bone type thing shape amidst it. I also found like little veins type things or arteries of what might have been a baby chick as I had egg fried rice, and you know they eat chick embryoes here as a delicacy here right? hmmm.

I have the Great Wall tomorrow, so I bought lunch for there at the bakery which I went to the other day, they were shutting, but had rave music on and where dancing like they were in one, lol.

That's all I really have to report back on from today,

Bye for now,

Jade x


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