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Pins and Needles

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Greetings, it's Day 4!

Pins and needls in my little finger and the one next to it on my left hand. Been like that all morning and it comes and goes more intense, it should get the blood flowing in them soon though, i've done several exercises to stop it. 2nd language class today, it should be good, as long as i can recite more than my name, that would be a good start. 7 hours of sleep and i'm still shattered, didn't bother with a shower this morning eventhough i'm enjoying having showers, but i was too tired again, think its the jet lag!, but i must have moved fast as i was ready in 15 minutes! Surprised? So am i!

I thought today was 17/5/11 apparently becuase thats what i wrote as the date subconsciously in my book, weird! Is that date significant to anything?

Tai Chi was a riot this afternoon, good job China dont get English news!! After not doing any muscle workouts as its all flat here, bars stairs to the rooms and classes, i needed a good relaxationa nd exercise at the same time. I'm missing my walks! We were supposed to have 2 hours but we baked in the sun for 1hours30mins and the teacher wanted rest and shade so sen tus on our way to rest too. I mastered some of the moves too, if i remember when i'm home,. i'll show you. I came back to the apartment and was in a claening frenzy for a bit as the air here's so dusty that theres brown smog all over my clothes, particularly noticable on the dark colours, so may end up doing washing after all. I packed nough underwear to last me twice over, but not t-shirts or shorts, and luckily it hasnt rained yet so my pants are still fresh out the wash. I'm having my photo took this afternoon, so i should look good for that, not lol, its going to be on my programme completion certicicate or something. greeeaaaaat! Waiting to go to Tian'anmen Square in about 1hour. Located in the heart of the ciuty, the square stretches 880meters from south to north and 500meters east to west. Covering an area of 440,000 square meters, its the largest square in the world. We might end up going to 'The Bird's Nest and the Water Cube olympic stadiums used in Beijing in 2008 though, depending on votes, as most people either are tired so will not enthuse on walking far or feel ill and want to do something close, which takes less time, which indeed they are close, 2 blocks over. (about 30mins walk). The Bird's Nest is the National Stadium, located at the southern part of the olympic green. The stadium has a floor space of 258,000 square meters. Its seating capacity amounts to 91,000 including 11,000 temporary seats.

Later on...

We infact went to The Bird's Nest stadium and paid 50RMB to get in and see the ground, they were impressive and massive, we tried to go up levels but it was shutting. We always seem to get to places when they are about to shut, timing for our own trips are rare. I nearly bought some more souvenirs on this visit, I saw some flying birds which ar elike paper planes which you throught which make a noise too, but when i tried to find the seller after taking photos outside the stadium after our self-tour he had vanished. I am going to have to search for this on the market! the kids will love them!.

I finally ate a meal tonight and my tummy is so happy. 107RMB for chicken curry and chicken and mushroom, with egg and sweetcorn fried rice and wonton soup. Used my chinese and managed no problems except when i asked for lemonade, then sprite then 7-up, ended up going behind the counter to get my own drink which was sprite!! Lovely meal, but the bones and fat were offputting that i mainly ate sauce, rice and vegetables, so i'm eating a little more healthier now. This is my major concern, food that i'm eating right, still not sure on the soup as they will have used there water, i can only wait and see. We also found that 2 minutes out of our campus is a delacatessen and bakery, so we have that option on our list now, eventhough i spent 20RMB on pot noodles in the supermarket this afternoon. And 25RMB for 4 ID sized photos, cant believe how much i've spent. I am going to do a breakdown of my spends for week one on a journal, because what i'm spending a day is ridiculous, its either little or a fortune, it seems but when its converted its not, but i dont really want to withdraw money, then i have more to carry around with me and i'm already safety conscious of my valuables, and the lesser money i have the lesser weight of concern on ym mind really. As long as i have my passport to get home, that's all i want. I dont know if i could live here as a full time student etc as i miss my home comforts... a mattress, food, sleep and most of all my mum and family xx

Tomorrow the plan is to almost certainly go Tian'anmen Square and the silk markets, and an electrical store to get my charger, but i've seen a girl who had a phone like mine, so i will try leaving a note on our notice board first and see where that gets me.






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