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Life Is Good

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Halo family and friends,

I woke up to the sound of 'Life Is Good' by Junk on ym alarm and tucked into a frusli bar whilst reading my texts off mum from in the night. Slept as a log does yesterday, as soon, as my head touched the pillow, i was out for the count. Today is going to be another tiring day...Chinese class, a lecture and Peking Opera. I then somewhere in between have to find time to go shopping for a charger for my phone as i forgot one and its the main phone for while i'm here in China. The plan is to get that tomorrow, and I might look for a Kindle too. Today i also want to try the 'E-Station' restaurant which is next to the 'friendship restaurant' we went.

My first lesson - One sentence sums up the lesson, i doubt i'll remember any of the content from the lesson, but a few words.

First home cooked meal - I had my first home-cooked meal today, Pot noodle, or the equivalent anyway. We trapsed around the campus looking for the canteen, but we soon found a group of people looking too. We collared someone on their way back and they said you need to have money on a card we were given to buy food and the queues were exhaustive of the building. We set out to find the place for the topping up of the cards and when we get there we decided to leave it and go the shop if we had to do that each time we eat. So we headed to a shop we saw on our tour and i bought noodle pots for 2.3p each, so 2.30Yuan and thought it would be made like a pot noodle and it kind of looked like that when i made it but it was more soup like. Nice, but dont know if it will agree with me, if it does agree i have found my dinners to sort from here on out, bar when i go on my day trips.

'The benevolent man loves mountains, the wise man loves winter'. - The first of 3 lectures whilst on the course. so far the lecture has been interesting and lots of information given about the founding of the Yuan Dynasty and the origins of 'ying' and 'yany'. The lecturer's voice drowned in the room from the noise of people being ignorant and the heat was unbearable with the 110 boadies in the room. To add to it all we were getting filmed for the programme DVD so i had to look enthused and pay attention.

Reflections on the day - The textbook i recieved today for classes says express, so i must be good, particularly due to the amount of manadrin i knwo to have a conversation , its better than only knowing ni hao. I have been really tired since that 1st lesson, it was quite fast paced and jam packed with numerous things to remember, we have 2 homeworks set on the lesson, so i will have to squeeze in some cramming. I have been fighting to stay awake all day and evening! This evening was the opera, it has 3 stories to the performance. The first one was about a king goign through the pain of losing battle and his princess committing suicide on behalf of the pain suffering from the loss of battle. The second was about a henchman or assassin trying to kill a prince in his sleep, i dont know ...there was lots of acrobatics in this one, it was hard to follow and watch the seperate screen to read the translations. The third was about a princess too, but by that point my eyes were wandering and i was in and out of sleep. Plus the whole evening i struggled fitting my legs in the space so had to keep moving them, Josey's 5ft 3 ish and she struggles with legs. I nearly bought a souvenir while i was there, before entering the theatre i said 'I'd get that, at the end', and then when it finished i thought i dont know what went on so i wasnt paying 120RMB, eventhough that 12 pounds, its 60 noodle pots lol. I am going to find a bargain similar on the markets when we go Friday i think. So to sum up the Peking Opera, go to experience it, but its not something i'd do again. I've not eaten tea yet and its 10:35pm, last time i ate was 1:30pm so i may eat another pot noodle as places are shut now. It has been a tightly scheduled day and it gives little time to go the toilet, let alone eat!

While i'm writing this we popped down to reception to ask about our TV as we've had no signal since we arrived. So the receptionist spoke no English, the security guard, a little who gave us to a maid who spoke none also who plugged in our areil cable into the wall. But it still didnt work apart from 5 channels of fuzziness on Tv rather than AV and trying to resolve the matter i deleted all the channels bar two, but me and Josey have been in hysterics ever since, so thats oke, it didnt work that well anyway ;-). It's now 10:45pm so i'm going to have a cookies and get ready for bed.

Bye for now,





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