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Opening Ceremony

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Ni hao nimen,I have been writing journals when i've not had a chance to write on a computer, so if you seen confused by the number of journals for days posted on a single day that is why. Woke up, clock watching constantly, thought i'd get 7hours when i set my alarm for 7! boy was i wrong. I finally thought i might as well get up, so at 6.28am i got out of bed and was ready within the hour, so i planned from the map what i was going to do after we had our opening ceremony. We endured 1hour of droning voices about China's links with the study programme, their courses and about a grandson, sorry a 'handsome' grandson of the speakers'. Then we had a great meal at the 'friendship restaurant' on campus. I avoided most foods, but inparticular bat, salad and soup. I picked at the endless supply of food brought to our table. I was introduced to 8 new people on the table, however i only remember 5 of their names, Nicky, Ian, Hannah, Seamus and Dean. 10 of us were defeated by food!In the 1hour gap we had free before the tour, Josy, Nicky, Hannah, Seamus, Ian, Louie and I with one other went on a walk through the backstreets to the shops and made it back just in time, not bad considering we didn't know where we were going and had no map.The tour was dull and because of that, talking to people and the heat i have no chance remembering how to get to them for classes ( I am in class 7 of 8 which is the lower for express beginners, so not bad at mandarin).Around 4o'clock, we met in the lobby and different groups were heading off to diifferent places. I chose to go the farthest and work inward so things were closer in future. 4 of us went, Hannah, Nicky, Josey and I. We got the subway twice there and back and walked and walked (a total of 9 miles at least i'd bet!). We went the Summer Palace and because we only had 3 hours before closing time we paid 30RMB rather than 60 to walk around the gardens as the buildings were shut. I took some beautifully stunning photos. We then enjoyed a 20minute scenic view rest in the shade with a warm breeze (heaven on a hot day). Lovely way to end the day. We got the subway back too, 4RMB for all 4 legs (4p), not bad a penny a leg, when i pay nearly a fiver for a return trip on the train to Liverpool which is really close. We tried to get a boat while at the gardens too, but it was too late for that as well. I may try go back!  On the way home we decided to get food. I wasnt keen on the food there and went the whole day bar breakfast without food. I was keen on the idea of the food there. On the way home we stopped for a subway butty. I wasnt keen ont he thought of that food too as meat and cheese had been exposed to heat all day, but i bought one, i was starving. I picked at it, and was sick afterwards. It also left my body the other end. A bad decision i know, but i was pressured and hadnt eaten since 12 and by now it was 8:45pm. I tried surviving on an energy jelly bar, but it didnt last. The choices for food are limited and so i have ended up skipping meals and opting for fast food like macdonalds and subway. Tomorrow night is the Peking Opera with a meal hopefully, so fingers crossed! otherwise i'm just going to survive off cereal bars, energy bars and orange juice. Josey has just informed me the subway has disagreed with her too! I heard and 'OH DEAR!' and she ran to the toilet. lol. I have to be up at 6 tomorrow to get showered and be down in the lobby for 8 to get my textbooks and be escorted to class. I'm too tired this evening to bother, I have stayed in my souvenir welcome t-shirt all day and may sleep in it shortly, my feet are aching, my back needs a good massage after lugging around a huge bag on one shoulder, this was because my bag was opened! I dont think anything has been taken. As for how far we've walked i'll have to map it and calculate the distance, we hardly stopeed really, besides for photos, a rest and to watch a man paperfold with his feet! He took the michael, he had two hands to do it faster! I could have shown him a thing or two ;-). The nightsky was illuminated by the glow of the orange moon tonight and i've found out today was the lunar festival. I would have liked to experience that. I did see a women with banners everywhere saying the same thing for something. It was nice to hear my mum's voice again today as this whoile experience of being in Asia is unreal and its nice to know that i can get in touch with home for if i need help or a talk, but i'm going to try and last a day without contact with home and then see how i get on and if i can go longer. Additonal information. If you're wondering why i am in beginners mandarin when i hav e grasped basic phrases...it's because anyone with experienced hours of learning chinese, and i've had 9, had to do a placement test and i wanted to go off with my friends and maybe be in their class. Prior, at home i chose to do regular lessons so i could retain more as i have trouble to keep up and remember when things happen fast. Sound like me? Thought so. I'm looking forward to it anyway as i just want to enjoy myself and take it easy - I've never ever done something like this before! but i tell you i definitely want to go to India on the Study India Programme. I'm friends with Hannah who has already done it and highly recommends it for me. :-) Wish me luck, Jade x


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Study China Programme 2011

Beijing, China