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Introduction To China

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So, I'm off to Beijing, China, in 5 days time. For those who do not know anything about China, let me introduce you:

For many, travel to China is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. To explore the Forbidden City, home to chinese emperors over the centuries, to gaze in awe at an entire army Terracotta Warriors, and to proudly walk on a Great Wall that stretches for over 4000 miles. For others, it is the allure of the adorable pandas that is the main attraction in China. Yet these amazing experiecnes are only the first step in discovering the fascinating land.


China is a land of beauty with its poetic landscapes around Guilin, dramatic gorges along the Yangtze and the striking alpine scenery in Nine Villages Valley. The physical contrasts are great, from vast mountain ranges to forest wilderness and arid deserts. There is man-made beauty too, in the traditional Chinese gardens of Suzhou, the picturesque West Lake in Hangzou and the numerous exquisite temples scattered across the country.


For the most adventurous, there is the opportunity to travel along the ancient Silk Road or venture overland into mystical Tibet and explore parts of China rarely visited by westeners.


Following a proud history spanning 5000years, China's importance in the world continues to grow as it emerges as an economic superpower of the 21st Century. Nowhere can this be better witnessed than in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.


China is a vast land endless with opportunities to offer the enthusiastic traveller. It is a destination that inspires and fascinates with its historic sights, diverse landscapes and rich culture. Yet beyond these great wonders, the most enduring memory is often the charm of the people.


China is surely a country that will leave a lasting impression on all who visit.


With a humidity of 25 degrees in August I will be sure to gain, not only confidence and independence, but a sun tan too.


I cannot wait for my first adventure.


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Beijing, China