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Don't attempt a foam party. Ever.

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Okay so from the time that I wrote last, much has gone down. After a few drinks we were ready for some foamy fun. We met an English guy and a guy who pretty much only spoke German before the party had started. I was stuck talking to the German while Sarah chatted to the Pom - it was kinda fun to try and get our messages accross though. I have learnt a fair bit of Deutsch here! We sat on the swings drinking which was kind of fun, it brought back wonderful memories of my love for swings as a kid.

So then the foam started. Silly me took my beer in to check it out and it was covered in disgusting film within like 10 seconds so I had to ditch it. We got hounded by these kiwi guys from the start. They were fairly gross and the ones that were chatting to Sarah found it hilarious to ask people what their favourite fruit was and if the girl said 'watermelon' they pulled down their pants. Fair to say she was not very impressed and retreated to the room very early that night. I stayed a little bit longer but really couldn't shake these gimps so I just said 'I'm gonna go and get changed, I will meet you at your campsite' - then I ran like hell into the cabin and locked the door!!! We heard a couple of days later on the bus that some very R rated behaviour occured that evening. I better not mention it in the blog that my family is reading so best I stick to the filtered stories. I still managed to make it home in the wee hours of the morning which I didn't think would be possible after the previous evening at the Toga party.

So next day - wake up early and decide to get on the shuttle early this time! I went and booked it all while Sarah had a bit of an extended snooze and arranged it for 10am. When we got there the kiwi guys had of course arranged the same bus, just our luck! We tried to steer clear of them and managed to brush them off pretty easily. They didn't ask if I had got lost the previous night, guess they got my subtle hint.

So we caught the bus into Venice and they dropped us off at some sort of Terminal. We had no idea how to even get over the water and into the city! Sarah made friends with a lovely girl (American maybe?) and she told us how to buy our tickets and jump on a cool little monorail which would take us into the heart of the city. We had already been advised that everyone gets lost in Venice so I thought 'Thats okay - if we just walk directly straight then it will be easy to turn around at the end'. Uh oh, first mistake! It is so hard to get somewhere next to you as there is a million little windy alleyways which you have to navigate to get anywhere. They don't even have maps here as there is far too many alleyways to put on a map and if there is a map, no streets are ever on them. It was such a surreal experience to be walking down the little streets of Venice, looking down alleys at people on their little boats in the canals. I may have even got further into the spirit by purchasing a Banana gelato. We looked through all of the cute little stores and I bought some amazing Murano glass jewellery. The rings and earrings were like 2 euro each! It is meant to be the most expensive city but if you shop and eat down the side alleys away from the touristy areas then it's not so bad and I didn't find it much different to any other European cities.

After a fair bit of walking we decided to return home as the shuttle didn't return until 7pm so we would have to arrange our own means of travel back. I was pretty sure what direction we had to go back. I could see the bridge to get back but do you think we could actually get to that bridge? We crossed it and walked in the direction which I thought was correct - still have amazing direction here for some reason! When we got to the restaurant I thought I would double check this. I asked a waiter if ahead was the right way to get a bus. He laughed and said it was all the way in the direction we just came from at the main square - Saint Marco Square. I thought maybe I really did suck at direction and Sarah didn't look too happy with letting me take the lead! On the way back over the bridge we ran into Kiwi clan who were thinking about going soon too, I told them that we were on the way to the buses and we kept on our way. We walked for AGES, found Saint Marco Square but no sign of a road even! We asked at the water taxi information and we had to go to at least 5 different people before getting somwhere - the standard answer was 'go to next port'. We finally had a guy say that we could get a water bus to the airport through them. It was 15 euro but we really didn't care then and decided we just needed to get home to jump into our pool. Which BTW was absolutely coated in foam that day, the poor lifegaurd was hosing it out all day!

We had to change buses at the airport so we bought our tickets and went and sat on the boat. Actually we thought it was a boat but turned out to be the floating dock! I spoke to a couple sitting near and asked them which boat to airport. The guy didn't speak much English but said he was going there so we decided to stick close to the people with luggage. A water boat turned up and the guy was just yelling 'Airport, Airport' so we jumped on.. then realised none of the people with the luggage had gotten on. Still not really sure why they didn't - maybe there was a boat after that which got there quicker? Anyway we sat on there for about an hour. The scenery was absolutely amazing, although the windows were really high up to stop the water splashing in I guess, so you had to stand to look out. I was far to buggered by that stage so I cruised through the river in Venice and only looked at ugly plastic chairs mostly. We got to the airport and had no clue as to where to go so we stopped at a shop nearby to enquire. The lady was so awesome, pretty sure she had customers but she went through every details of how to get to the buses. She told us which way to walk, for how long, to go to departures to buy our tickets and then were the bus would come from, how lovely! So we set off, managed to find everything okay. We bought our tickets from the Tourist Info and had another awesome lady who told us which bus to catch and gave me a piece of paper with the spelling of the name on it. We needed help as we had no idea what our stop was called even. We planned on just looking out the window the whole time to look out for it. We had to wait about half an hour for it but were just so relieved to be on the home stretch as it was approaching evening - well overdue for beer o'clock!

We made it to our stop fine and as we walked in the campsite one of the kiwis was sitting down. He said the buses had been just past the way we were walking and they had got one shortly after seeing us - Boo! Why didn't I trust my instinct??? That night was meant to be my quiet night so we went back to the room and got our bikinis and went and sat in the spa and lazed by the pool for an hour or so. We then went and got these amazing tuna and vegetable meals from my friend in the shop. I had decided to have an alcohol free day but there really is something about backpacking and sobriety that really doesn't mix. So we sat down with our laptops and had a beer. Then our friends Chloe and Molly came and sat with us so we had another beer or two. Then we had a glass of wine. By then the shop was closed but Chloe produced another bottle from her bag and we had that too. I can't really tell you the fine details of the remainder of the evening in fear of someone losing their job - I will tell you that it involved many limencello shots, A set of bus keys and a very large blue bus.

So I think I got home from that one at about 6am..on my 'low key' night. Sarah had already packed my stuff as she went home shortly after the wine. Bless Sarah, she really is my mum here.

This is where the fun started, keep an eye out for some blogs from Rome.


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