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Venice = the camping site of party

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First night in Venice was amazing. The bus trip was pretty cool even though it was like 9 hours - we took the slower bus but it was worth it as we got a full 2 seats each.

It was so nice and warm when we got off the bus :) It was around 4:30 so we just checked into our cabin - we are on camping grounds! and then came outside for a bottle of wine (turned into 2+). The facilities at the camping ground are better than those at most hostels! We have hot water, a fridge, comfy beds, a pool (amazing) and parties most nights. Anyway we got a bottle of white wine which Sarah was not too impressed with and sat out in the sun with some other bus abouters. We decided to try the champagne next which was really awesome. The bottles are like 4euros! we sat outside for quite awhile and just chatted. Then we ran into some of the crew we went out with in Munich the night before and they were having dinner so we joined them. Sarah and I got an antipasto platter which was pretty yum. We left dinner first as the word on the street was that it was Toga Night. Woooo! We got some bed sheets from reception and went home to toga up. We looked pretty damn hot wrapped in bed sheets! Everyone was saying I really fit the part with the long locks. I had spoken to the drivers after dinner and convinced them to come to our Toga Party. We went back to meet up with everyone - one of the bus about team went with Sarah so we could find vines to wear in our hair. We drank and drank and drank and danced and then danced some more. It was an awesome night. The guy that works here loved us so I got Frangelico shots all night. There were so many cool people there. I walked past I guy I recognised from Coles and school and was like 'your from Berwick aren't you?'. He looked so freaked out so clearly didn't recognize me. He knew Lauren more at coles and was like 'oohhhhh your a Walton' and called me Walton for the remainder of the night. I didn't see Sarah much the evening and when I decided to call it a night I went back to the cabin which was locked... I banged so loud that I almost broke the windows but no luck. I ended up having to do a bit of a camping job! The next morning when I returned Sarah said she had been in the cabin, she had completely written herself off and gone home to chuck up her guts before passing out. Yes there was a puke, finally!

I woke up today in a fairly dehydrated state post toga party so I ran down to pick up some supplies from my friend in the shop - he was STILL working! He was so cute and got all excited and gavce me a massive hug when I got there. I didn't even have to pay for my 1 litre bottle of water - score! Then it was off to breakie. Sarah attempted to eat but I have 0% appetite here so I just watched her and sipped on my water. We had decided to explore the city but the weather was so perfect that we just decided to have a pool day and laze around - tomorrow we could do that. My friend from the shop said it was better to go in later as it was a bit too hot early so we then thought we might lay around the pool and then go in, unfortunately we didn't know the shuttle from the camping grounds didn't run after about 12. Anyway we had heaps of fun just relaxing by the pool for a couple of hours. It was so pleasant - the heat here is great, it was 28 but doesn't feel overbearing like our heat back home.

After a couple of hours we decided to go and get ready for a big city tour - which is when we found out the awful news of the lack of afternoon shuttle. Anyway we were a bit parched so we went for a little walk down the street - apparently the camping ground is in the middle of nowhere though so no luck with that. Bus About don't stay in the city as it is surrounded by water so you need to get a water taxi in there. It is honeslty a great camping site anyway so you really don't need to hang around the city areas. It is meant to be the most expensive city anyway so probably a good thing that we aren't staying in the city! We are going to check it out tomorrow anyway, planning an early morning trip...after a foam party HAHA. So basically, I am ashamed to say, it was 28 and beatiful weather and we slept. Yes slept. Our first good weather! So we have now woken up and are ready to foam it up. I am sitting out in the beutiful evening air and enjoying a nice vodka and coke courtesy of my friend, Truffino who runs the mini mart here. Just learnt his name!


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venice, Italy