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The best 14 hours spent in Munchen. ever.

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Making the most of our 9 hour bus trip into Italy to update the blog. Awesome day yesterday, we began our day at like 6am for some reason. Not sure why when we had quite a few drinks the previous night? Anyway that's the way it is when you are running on holiday adrenaline - no hangovers, no sleep required. We had to do a bit of shopping - we needed to buy a new camera as mine got a bit busted up too! Don't worry Dad and Joy - it's my one that was already broken, not my nice new birthday one.  But the shops wouldn't be open for hours so we decided to climb to the top of the massive castle of Salzburg. It is so cool, it is so massive and high up that you can pretty much see it from anywhere in the city and probably outside of it also. It was a bit of a walk there but we really didn't mind as it was already really nice and sunny early. Plus the walk involved walking through the most amazing gardens, The Mirabell gardens, where we stopped and took photos of the gnomes that the children danced around in The Sound of Music. When we got to the castle it was fairly steep! I thought it would be worse looking up at it but it as bearable in the end. We didn't have to pay the admission price as there was no one there that early to take our money so we just walked straight through. There was a helicopter flying overhead so it was SO noisy in the castle. We walked to the top and took photos from there, you get the most amazing view ever!

We walked back down and by the time we got back to our area it was 10am so we stopped and bought a camera, memory card and adapter (lost that somewhere). With Sarah's amazing bartering skills we got 10% of the package. We just got the cheapest one we could find - 99 euros so we just split it. Ebay when we get home!

We had to get back to our hotel to check out so we rushed back and packed up all our belongings. Once again we left various items there to make room for the new ones. Petra made good use of the hat and bag that I left at hers!

So we checked out, but left our bags there as the Bus About pick-up time wasn't              'til 14:00 and check out from the hotel was 11. We then went for a bit of a stroll so we could get Sarah the thongs she so deesired. We got a little thirsty in the sun so we stopped at a 'Wein Bar' (guess the translation) and got a lovely glass of wine whilst looking out over the city and watching life go by :) ahhhhhh. So then it was thongs time. Apparently not big in Salzburg, the only ones Sarah could fine were Tommy Hillfiger and like 30 euros so she just grabbed them to give her feet a rest.

We stopped at the supermarket to but soft drink bottles and mini wodka bottles. They sell mini alcohol bottles at the supermarket checkouts where we generally have candy back home! We were planning on sitting in the gardens with a mini bottle of champagne each however we realised we were running very short on time before pick-up so we just had to grab some more convenient travellers.

The bus ride was awesome - it was like 2 hours, best bus ride we have had. We planned on going to the Haufbrauhaus that evening upon Craig's advice. On the bus the guide put us off a little as he said it is the biggest but it's super packed and expensive and a bit too touristy compared to the other beer halls. We only arrived at 5 and had to leave again at 8am so we were thinking that we wouldn't really be able to have a big night beacause a. we had no idea how to get around the city and b. we would never found our hostel by ourselves in the dark when highly intoxicated. As soon as we were dropped off at the Hostel however we heard 'Ashton!" 'Sarah!' and we saw Chloe and her boyfriend Sam who we had been travelling with through a few other cities previously. She told us to come out with them that evening on their own pub crawl which they were about to commence. Very convenient indeed! We agreed to check-in and then meet them back downstairs to begin. We were doing a 6 female dorm thing in Munich as it was only for the one night so we found our rooms, met the other girls who were all very nice quickly made our beds and hurried downstairs. I would never go out back home in the unruly state that I have here. Backpackers! It was a good thing that we did run into Chloe as after an afternoon on the bus + a very busy day walking everywhere we were very tired and unmotivated. We just left straight away and walked to the U-barn to get the train to 'University' where the Englisch Gardens are. We all bought tickets as Chloe and Sam had already received fines in Prague! FYI Steve - you have to pay on the spot or they take you to the station!

So after getting slightly lost we made it to the gardens which was the most amazing setting for a drink. It was crazy. there were literally millions of people there sitting on bench seats like in a beer hall but out in the brillant weather. We were all quite parched after the walk and train ride so we got a nice, thirst-quenching 1 litre beer. We took them back to the tables and everyone was complaining that the beer was disgusting and really watered down and sweet. To Sarah and I it tasted amazing so we were very confused and I thought possibly just had the most tragic taste in beer ever. We later discovered after a taste test of the others that we had picked the standard beers but everyone else there had chosen from the other side which were 'Raddlers' - beer with lemonade! I thought I would like them but they really were horrible!!

Sarah kindly donated the remainder of her quality beer to our friend Wayne who we were chatting to. Pretty much all of the crew we went out with were from Werribee! Chloe and Sam were actually the only ones not from Melb (Gold Coast). Everyone keeps saying that everyone is from Melbourne but last night was pretty much the first time we had met others from there.

Anyway 2 Steins of beer and we were all fairly happy! Yes I stole the stein glasses - a one euro deposit was an awesome price to pay! I luckily had a big bag so I carried around these two glasses all night - just something else to weigh down my pack but so worth it! We sat in the gardens until late and then we jumped on a train to the next destination. We were all pretty tired by this time but one of the guys insisted on taking us all to the Haufbrauhaus as Sarah and I were only there for that evening. We stopped there and ran into some people, don’t know how we started chatting but they were aussies too. I chatted to Naomi (I think??) for ages. It was a little weird, I think they had been together before travelling and then the guy decided he didn’t want to be together when they started travelling so she was hating the holiday so far! He did try to pick me up...then Chloe when I stayed as far away as possible from him for the night. Naturally Sam was not so happy about this so this is kind of when the night came to a close. We went back to the Hostel and most went to sleep. I grabbed my laptop and when to use wi-fi for a bit. Sarah had stopped to get pizza on the way back with Wayne and I was sooo hungry. I couldn’t see anything open on the street when I had a quick peek – it was 1am ish, and even the vending machine in the hostel was out of order so I went to bed a little hungry!

Up again early the next morning to catch the 8am bus route to Venice, bring on Italy baby! Usually Sarah attracts weirdos and I hate it but pretty sure it has been me this time. I was going to take my coffee mug back to the kitchen and this guy stopped me and said ‘yoouuu are wery cute, youu wan’ some crack’ in an extremely slurred manner. I ran out the front quickly but he followed and kept bugging me. I noticed the guy behind him shaking his head at him in disgust so I was like ‘Ummm that’s my husband behind you’. Bad move, now the druggo started abusing him and I felt so bad for the poor innocent bystander. He was standing in the middle of the road after that saying he had lost his Kangaroo, had anyone found it? And hating on Aussies. Cars were literally swerving to go around him. Idiot. The whole bus hated on me when I got on for attracting him!

Back to better and far more interesting tales; the road trip from Munich to Venice = Amazing.


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Welcome to the land of the Hofbrauhaus!

munich, Germany