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Wonderful Sightseeings and Attractions in Zurich

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Zurich is a very picturesque city where you can derive pleasure just from wandering the streets, particularly in the old town.

Lake Zurich:
At the Quaibrucke, in the south of the city, the gentle River Limmat spills into Lake Zurich, against a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and forests. The invitingly azure waters of the lake are clean enough to swim in. Taking a boat trip gives a unique perspective on the city and the buildings that line the banks of the Limmat and is highly recommended to experience the natural beauty of Zurich's setting. Boats depart from the jetties at Burkliplatz, heading for the various towns bordering the lake. Cruises can also be taken along the River Limmat from June to August, departing from Hauptbahnhof.


Grossmunster Church:
Zurich's largest church is an imposing edifice. The original church on the site was dedicated to the memory of Felix and Regula, two Christian martyrs who, so their grisly legend claims, carried their own severed heads to the spot. Charlemagne's horse is said to have kneeled (or tripped) on their burial mound, causing his master to found the church. The eye-grabbing statue of Emperor Charlemagne on the riverside tower honours the founder, although it is only a copy of the original which is now kept in the crypt.

The current church was completed in the 1300s and was later the home church of Protestant reformer Ulrich Zwingli - his austerity the reason for the noticeable lack of ornamentation both in the architecture and the interior. Even Zwingli didn't begrudge the stained glass windows their beauty however, while some other ornaments that the reformer had plastered over have since been restored. The most distinctive features of the church - the domed towers - were only added in the 18th century, but for many they are the definitive landmark of Zurich. For a small fee and a lot of legwork you can climb the spiral staircase up one to gain a stunning bird's-eye view over the city.

Another must for lovers of modern art - and that is not something you often say of a church. The magnificent stained glass windows of the Fraumunster are deservedly one of the highlights during your city breaks in Zurich, and most visitors take the time to come and see them during their stay. The Russian-born French artist Marc Chagall completed the set of five windows in 1970, at the incredible age of 83. Each window deals with a different biblical focus - with Christ as the centrepiece.

In terms of the overall life of the church the windows are something of a last page revelation. Although the exact date of the original building that stood here is not known, it is acknowledged that by the 9th century a convent was established here. The convent's church soon after became the repository of the relics of Felix and Regula, the Zurich martyrs. Consequently the church grew in fame and influence, with the present church being properly established in the 13th century. For many years it was the church of the richer citizens, while the Grossmunster was that of the people. There is still a pilgrim trail between the two, tracing the steps of the decapitated martyrs.

The Museum of Art:
The largest and most impressive of Zurich's art galleries the Kunsthaus (Museum of Art) is often said to be the finest in the whole of Switzerland.
Featuring major works by Monet, Picasso, Kandinsky, Miro and Alberto Giacometti, to name just a few, it is an impressive and eclectic collection. The museum's bronze of Rodin's Gates of Hell portal makes a fittingly magnificent entrance piece. There is also a full programme of exhibitions, which vary through the year, and an extensive library for any real culture vultures. Highly recommended.

Swiss National Museum:
Everything you ever wanted to know about Switzerland but were too afraid to ask, the answers are all here under the one grand roof of the Swiss National Museum. Located next to the train station, itself no slouch in the architecture stakes, the museum occupies one of the finest buildings in Zurich.

The extensive collection housed within is drawn from all things Swiss from prehistory to the present day. And it's much more than just cuckoo clocks and Swiss army knives. There are fantastic costumes from the opulent days of the Renaissance, fabulous artworks from the Middle Ages, and fearsome armour and weaponry from the days of feudal rule, the same display including a marvellous scale model of the Battle of Morat. Within the massive halls you can discover the full extent of the country's rich cultural, industrial and intellectual heritage.

Stretching more than a kilometre from the train station to Lake Zurich, Bahnhofstrasse is a shopper's paradise and one of the finest shopping streets in Switzerland. The street has all the big brand names, while the sidestreets off the main drag hide small shops selling Swiss specialities. Bahnhofstrasse is also home to international designers, jewellers and craftsmen with some of the most exclusive names in Europe having boutiques and stores on or around the street.

A 20-minute train ride from the city, Uetliberg is the easiest mountain to get to from central Zurich and well worth the trip for splendid views of the lake, the city and the surrounding villages. Standing at 871metres high, the mountain is an ideal escape either in summer, when hikers take to its slopes, or in winter, when locals fly down the mountain in sledges. If arriving by train, the viewing platform at the summit is a short walk from the station.

Zurich Zoo and Masoala Rainforest:
Amid the greenery of Zurichberg's woodland, the city zoo is home to over 2,500 animals. A modern and progressive centre for animal care the zoo famously broadcast the birth of an elephant live on the Internet. The old favourites, monkeys, big cats, penguins and elephants are all present and remain the big draws but there are plenty of other animals besides. Large open-air paddocks and sections such as the tropical zone allow the animals to roam in environments as near as possible to their natural habitat. Over the next decade the zoo plans to add more zones, emulating different regions of the world, and consequently further grow its collection of animals. It undoubtedly counts among the best zoos in Europe if not the world for its progressive and sensitive treatment of animals under its care.


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Wonderful Sightseeings and Attractions in Zurich

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