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The day of the Sound of Music. We had a nice early start and made our way to Petra's bosse's house. He drove us the journey back to Salzburg and as he is a tour guide he gave us helpful tips along the way. Everyone here is so nice, I don't think we encountered a rude person here, could you say that about anywhere back home?! It turned out to be Sarah's favourite place we had been! I can't name a favourite as everywhere has been so amazing and unique in there own ways - except Berlin!

So we said our very sad goodbyes and promised to return. We made it to Salzburg and Frietz dropped us on a corner and gasve us directions to our hotel as he had to get to a tour in the salt and ice caves. We made our way there and found it fine considering it was white on the site and pink in reality. It was so amazing and such luxury that we had not experienced with the Hostels! There was the lovliest lady working at reception - she put our bags in reception, marked out a map for me, got me a wi-fi code so I could use the internet whilst waiting in the lobby, made sure the tour guide was arranged to pick us up and then gave us the most amazing complimentary coffees as we were definately in need. A guy in a suit came to pick us shortly after and seemed to be laughing at us when we looked away. When we walked home we realised the pick up point was about 50 metres down the same street as us but we had to do a massive loop as they are all one way streets! Sorry, probably should have looked into that one!!

The bus pretty much pulled up as soon as we got there - a big bus with the sound of music painted on the side so we couldn't really miss it. We jumped on and straight to the back to stretch out as we were both fairly stuffed. Unfortunately we picked the wrong side as every landmark tended to be on the other side. So because I haven't seen the movie the landmarks didn't mean a hell of a lot to me but it was still amazing to drive through the city and hilly (not you Craig) countryside. The first stop was a big white house in front of a lake where Julie Andrews and the kids fell in the river off some boat apparently. Then we saw a big Yellow wall that she ran along.. Then a terrace that was some major part of the film apparently. Then we went to an amzing lookout which looked out over the most amazing green water ever. It is really green from the limestone and just creates the most amazing image. We then drove through the hills *cue music in bus* and everyone sang along gaily. Then we stopped in a really cool little town where Sarah and I got Apfel strudel with vanilla sauce and Mokkas - which are not the same as Mochas in Aus but more of a short black! We had to be back on the bus so we zoomed around the souvenir shops, markets and church where Maria and the Captain got married in the movie (we got to drive past the steeple where the real Maria got married also). They played a documentary on the bus on the way home which showed a bit of the movie with commentary. I couldn't confess that I hadn't seen it as the driver said we had to get off if that was the case. I don't know why as it was basically just a city tour with like two stops involving the Sound of Music. The driver had showed us the shopping strip on the way through the city so guess what was the first thing Sarah and Ashton did when they got off the bus?! Yes, you guessed correctly. It is quite expensive here though so we didn't really buy anything.

After awhile we decided to make our way back to the hotel and finally check in. We walked through the Mirabell Gardens which are absolutely amazing, not unlike everything else we have seen! I get all teary everytime I look at the scenery, what are we all doing in Aus seriously?? We have been telling all other travellers not to go there! Sarah made a friend with an Argentinian man on the bus today, the type that makes fun out of every single comment and has a (loud) view on everything and she offered the same advice about Australia! We got back to the Hotel and checked into our room which is so cool. Has a flat screen tv, ensuite, mini bar, comfy beds and everything we need - including a cork screw opener.

So basically I have been sitting on my bed for the past 3 hours catching up on my blog and sipping Stiegl..then moving onto a bottle of champagne that we have just finished. All washed down with a dinner of Olives, fetta, Hommus, crackers, peppers with cheese and goats cheese - excuse me. Munich tomorrow night to go to the biggest beer hall and then off to Venice for 3 nights - The weather is going to be 27 - 28 for the next 4 days. We may even be able to go schwimmen in Italy!!! PS: I spreachen more deutsch than English now.cheeky


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