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A day on the mountain and the best craig tour which ever existed.

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I woke up the next morning thinking it was about 5am as the room was like a cave. I stumbled to the kitchen to grab the biggest glass I could find and filled it with water. It was 8am, a bit later than expected! First it took me about an hour to locate all of my possessions - I believe some were under the bed?! Then I realised I couldn't really move my knees and then I remembered falling off the stage the night prior. Petra said she thought that I had forgotten I was on the stage as I just kept walking off the edge like I wasn't on one! It was a metre or so drop as well! Great night in the end and pleased to hear that Sarah had an ace birthday. Again Petra made us the option of boiled or scrambled eggs with fresh bread and coffees. It was a beautiful day outside so she dragged Daz out of bed and we went for a drive. Apparently Daz pulls up as well as Craig now that they are oldies :P

They drove us up to the side of a mountain and we jumped in a Gondola to go to the top. Again, they just went ahead and paid for everything, pretty sure they hadn't let us pay for a thing still! The gondola was heaps of fun. We went to the tops and took photos and then had lunch at the mitte-station (middle station). Sarah and I got this awesome dip platter with fresh bread which took about 5 times as long as main meals - figure that? We got back on the horse with a white wine spritzer because hey, we are on holidays?! I made them let us pay for the whole lunch and they finally accepted relunctantly.  We looked for deer on the way back down but couldn't see any - apparently Petra is the only one who has. Klara looked absolutely adorable in her traditional Austrian dress, Daz chose against the Laiden-hossen (leather pants), he is not much of a fan of the Austrian get-up (surprisingly). When we got down they told us that we would be bginning our 'Craig Tour of St Johann in Tirol'.

We started in the car park where the boys used to play cricket as this had been what the Mal story was about. Daz and I posed in stupid cricket poses so you would get the jist of the photo. Next stop was where you guys used to stay when you lived there. It is now a bar but I still got a photo. Daz told me how one night/morning you got home absolutely plastered (I didn't believe him, swear) and came into the room and left the door open. A minute later you got up and went outside and started doing massive circles just spinning faster and faster until you eventually just fell head first on the ground. You stated that you laid down and the world was spinning so fast in one direction that you decided to go outside and spin in the opposite direction to even  it out. Very logical considering you were wasted! I found that story very funny so I took a photo of me spinning around there. We saw Annaleise also but Daz didn't say hi so I just took a photo of her for you, not sure if you will be able to see her but she wasdoing her washing!

Next stop was Bunnies where I had pretty much heard all the stories from - another landmark with a silly pose..

Then Scala which sounds a bit like our Costellos. Couldn't really think of a pose for this one so I decided to do a bit of pole dancing out the front - Petra was going to join me in that but the prgnancy complicated proceedings.

That was pretty much the end of the tour so Daz and Klara drove home and we walked through the town and saw the church, bought souvenirs etc. We stopped at a coffee shop, Petra got a mineral water, Sarah a coffee and me a beer. They had the best cakes inside so we ended up getting some, I couldn't resist even though it was probably not the best match for my beer.

We walked the rest of the way home and then Daz had to go out and run a few arrands. Sarah and I decided to join and were rewarded with Maccas.

I should mention that we had decided to stay in Salzburg the following night as Daz, Petra and Klara were leaving for Croatia so I was so excited that I would now be able to do the Sound of Music tour. I jumped on the net, booked the only expensive hotel left in Salzburg and the tour. I hadn't actually seen the movie so Daz said he would download it for me earlier that day. He found it in HD and because it is a 3 hour movie it took 6 hours to download. When he finally got it downloaded that evening it wouldn't let him put it on the hard drive as the file was too large. He tried to compact it which took another 2 hours and then it made the file bigger so we couldn't actually watch it in the end! We watched another movie on the hard drive - 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' which was good but definatetly should have got the tissues out, a little depressing. I don't think Daz was much of a fan!

Off to bed and then had to wake up at 6.45am tomorrow to get a lift to Salzburg - can't believe that after like 4 hours sleep the night before I still couldn't sleep by like midnight the next night.


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