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Alles to the left, alles to the right, alles in the boat!

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Day 2 of St Johann, we had planned on sleeping in as our room was like a cave! So great, there were these metal type blinds on the outside which blocked every single bit of light out. Daz and Petra did look at us like we were crazy when we said 'sleep in' but I didn't think too much of it. At around 7ish I heard the first of many extremely high pitched squeals, I wasn't even grumpy though as Klara is such a little angel and it just made us crack up laughing. We still layed in bed for quite awhile and just relaxed and used our laptops. Darren hated them, he couldn;t believe us backpackers had them for a start but we didn't leave them when we were at home as we had no wi-fi for THREE whole days prior! Nooooo almost killed me! Anyway we got up slowly, Petra was at work for the morning so we went out to see Darren and Klara. Darren got straight onto cooking us scrambled eggs for breakie, Petra had already been to the bakery that morning to get us fresh bread for breakfast. We got coffees made for us on the machine and all. Daz was skyping his family for breakfast so it was a little weird when they sat with the camera pointed at me when sitting around the breakfast table! They all thought it was Dazza's new girlfriend visiting while Petra was working.

We had a very lazy day, just lazed around and then wolfed down Daz's home made spaghetti before running out the door in our bikinis to go rafting. We were surprisingly calm - I think my favourite thing about being here is that I have no fear and I honestly don't care what stupid stuff I do in front of people, wish I could be like that at home! When we got there Petra suggested we got beers to kill any nerves, believe it or not but we agreed to a Stiegl. We had to wait about 15 minutes and then we got instuctions about equipment German. We found our wet suit and booties and retreated to the change room. It took SO long to get our wet suits on and then the girl next to us turned and started giggling at us and explained we both had our suits inside out. We had to try and peel it off us and put it back on the right way. And then she decided to tell us that we needed another layer suit with sleeves so we had to run back out half dressed. Argghhh fun. When we were finally suited up - 2 suits, booties, helmet, life jacket and oar we got some pictures taken and jumped in the first available bus. We travelled to the other end of the river and got a half hour safety lesson.. in German. All of the tour guides and rafters kept laughing at us, the tour guides kept joking that they wanted to jump in our raft. Damn Sarah, can't take her anywhere! We were lucky enough to get 'Wolf Gang' who had dreadlocks down to his bum and was a bit of a joker. He translated the key words in English which pretty much were 'left, right, all in boat'. So then we were told that we were going 'schwimmen'. We actually had to jump in a rapid and float down with the rapid before swimming to the side. Was verrrrry cold. Then we were all set to leave. Our raft tipped at the first rapid which was slightly scary/embarrasing. Well it was until the next 3 rafts tipped in the same spot. I fell out with my oar and Wolf gang had to go chasing it down the stream! He found it very funny to play tricks on me for some reason. #1 he said there is something on your boot look. I looked quickly and looked back at him. He said 'there is a hole, lift your foot'. I did this, not really sure why looking back as they were filled with water anyway, and he tipped me off the side of the raft by the foot. Boo. I couldn't get back on so he literally picked me up by the neck each time and flipped me into the boat. #2 we stopped for a break and he said for me to hold out both hands and close my eyes as he had a surprise for me. Because I couldn't be bother aruing I did as told and was rewarded with two full hands full of sticky mud! ewwwwww.

This was a special break though as we were to jump off a cliff into a whirlpool!!! We didn't have to do it and the normal Ashton thought 'yeah I will just watch' then my overseas Ashton went 'nah, why not'. So we jumped in que and awaited our fate - both of us thought we would crack our skulls on the rocks! When I got to the front I jumped over the barrier and got to the edge and looked down. I thought I couldn't do it and just stood there. I thought about how embarrasing it would be to climb back over so I just jumped..crazy!! You had to just relax when you dropped as the whirlpool took you down the rock slide by itself. I did so and only got feet first at the last minute as they guide was screaming at me to do it. Sarah later told me that I did the girliest little fairy jump ever into the waterfall! Sarah was two after me so I waited in the bottom stream and watched her. She jumped in my couldn't get her feet to the front on the rocky slide so she went down on her chest..ouucchhhiiie.

Last leg of the rafting and everyone was telling me my lips were blue, I was violently shaking all over the place too. I was not letting them trick me again though so as soon as the guides from the other rafts tried to grab me I just sat in the centre of the boat. Martin got hold off Sarah though and tried to flip her in, she just clung to his arm though so she ended up jumping ship onto the other boat. She was too scared of drowning in the coldness. Sorry Craig but the guides were all super cute and nice

I was pretty glad to get out of the water and back to a hot shower..and cold beer. It took me like 30 minutes to be able to feel my feet again in the shower. We went and had a drink with the guides and the bachelor party, we had planned to buy the video - I so wanted to for Sarah's birthday and they were only 15 euro but our guide was the only one that didn't have a camera on his helmet apparently, SO cut. I yelled at him and he told me we would  have to keep the memories in our hearts! LOL. We didn't stay long as Petra had driven about half an hour to drop us off and stayed and read her book for 3 hours while we rafted. Feeling pretty spoilt by our hosts!

When we got back we had some awesome berry 'wodka' with Daz before we went out. Petra was meant to be just driving us there but ended up dropping Klara off to her mums and coming with us to the festival. We went into one of the tents first and got some food and beers. There was a band in there so we just listended to the live music and got served by the wenches in traditional clothing!

We moved onto the next tent where there was a band playing called Salzburg Sound. We drank and chatted for a bit and met up with Petra's friends. We couldn't catch the guys name every time Petra or Daz said it but he was obsessed with Australia so he took a shining to us! Somehow we got closer to the band and I can't remember how we started talking to them but I believe that bad girl Sarah started it with her chatting to the ultra cute guitarist. Anyway we became very good friends and I recall requesting many English songs but they weren't all that keen and went back to the tradtional stuff..not that we minded by that stage. Pretty sure I said 'Zum Gerbastag' (Happy Birthday in German) to Sarah 1000 times that day by this stage. Daz and Petra actually requested the band to sing it to Sarah which was pretty cool . Next thing Sarah was dragging me up on stage and we were dancing to old Austrian songs which we didn't know the words to. There were a bunch of Salzburg sound postcards on stage and I recall throwing them out to the crowd, Petra said the next day that I wouldn't take no for an answer if they didn't want one - I just shoved one in their hands anyway. We danced the night away with the band. Then an anthem came on and we were all up dancing on tabletops - again not sure what the anthem was all about but it was cool! We must have decided we were hungry once drinking that night as we ate: a bowl of chips, another one, half a chicken, 3 pieces of bread, a sausage and more bread and a piece of pork. Woke up feeling pretty good! I think we got home at about 3am in the end. Daz somehow won a goffer toy on the way home, I claimed it immedietly but then Klara stole it from me the next morning.


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