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We arrived in Vienna on the bus in the arvo and it's probably fair to say that my head wasn't really what it should be. King the pharmacist had kindly offered me some anti-nausea tablets earlier that morning and they made me unable to keep my eyes open for the whole bus trip and then I couldn't stop shaking/moving by the time we arrived in Vienna. Sarah thinks I was having a minor panic attack, I am unsure what to make of it. Anyway we really couldn't be bothered with the trains and trams so we jumped in the nearest cab and attempted to make it to our apartment without even an address to go by! Yes I was looking for that prior my odd stomach pains that had me doubling over and people wanting to call a doctor! The taxi driver was so nice and even lifted our backpacks on for us. It's amazing how many people have done that, clearly they feel sorry for the backpackers! So anyway we found an internet cafe and finally got the address after a few stressful minutes. Thankfully it turned out that it was around the corner from the cafe. The landlords poor boyfriend was still waiting for us and was lovely showing us around and all. He then said all the best and gae us a kiss on each cheek each and was off. The apartment was beautiful but I didn't have much time to explore. Somehow while I was still buzzing and unable to sit still I fell asleep on the bed without even any bedding on it. I knew this would be the only way I could feel better! When I woke up I heard Sarah in the kitchen and assumed she was making us coffee but turned out she was just finishing off a salad for us for dinner. She had been to the supermarket, got me a powerade and all! Nawww. So we ate and then went back to our Indian friend at the Internet Cafe.

That night we had the best, most relaxing night in a very long time. We had a BATH, yes that's right a bath. Then we did some awesome face masks that we bought from Belgium (I think!?) and did manicures. Ahhh girly fun! After all of this I went straight back to sleep - clearly lacking some somewhere along the way.

The next day we got up and walked all the way back to the Wombats Hostel hoping to find someone we knew. We didn't but the Hostel was at the Nachsmarkets so we had fun wandering the aisles of them anyway. We then made a quick stop to our apartment as I forgot the camera and we went to plan our next move. We decided to have an exploring day but then realised we had to go back to where we had been but just one train stop further. So we made it there, had a quick look around and entered the Beer Garten and had our first 'Budvar/Budweiser' - made in Czech but of course the Americans claimed it! The guy that served us was clearly drunk and was smashing around our drinks. I was looking at a map trying to work out where we were and he was like 'In a beer Garten of course!!' but then he helped out with our directions and got us back on track. We arranged to meet Mina back at the Hostel so we made our way back there and then we all decided to go to Shonbrunn Palace - the royal's 'summer' house. Which is absolutely amazing. You can probably tell from those pictures - big yellow joint with big arc on hill? We got off the train station and there was a park either side, of course with my awful map reading skills we ended up walking around in circles in one for 15 minutes until we decided there was only a kindergarten there. A lovely lady saw us consulting the map and gave us the correct directions. We weren't keen on walking up the hill when we looked up there but it did look very tempting to sit on so we snoozed on the Hill in the sun for around 40 minutes and looked at the magical views. Once we finally decided we were hungry we decided to head back to the Hostel. We had dinner made for us again - Pesto chicken pasta which was SO amazing! And I helped out by supplying a can of beer each. We then headed down to the Hostel for some more beers, I think the one on tap was Ottakringer and it was SO good. Especially for 1 euro each. I showed off some more impressive pool playing skills. Sarah had never played before and we partnered against another couple. She didn't get a ball in and we still won! The pool tables here are like pin ball tables - the balls bounce off everything. The first night I played on one, I kept getting balls in but the white ball would bounce in after every shot! We didn't leave too late that night as we weren't too keen on catching trains back to our apartment too late. We went home and had Mali and cokes (9.99 euro for a botlle yyyeeeaahhh) and watched the rest of white chicks.

The next day I had decided I definately wanted to go and check out the Ferris Wheel - it is the oldest one and made out of wood!! We bought Mina along again as we need a helping hand sometimes in strange cities and he had nothing better on. We caught the train out there, me being the only one excited about going to the Adventure Park. When we got there I knew I had overestimated the place - it was like a dodgy Luna Park. The rides looked like they may fall apart at any moment. The boys had a big night when we had left the night prior so we decided we should stop for a coffee first. As soon as we entered the coffee shop, got our Vienna coffees and found a table outside, we felt small drops of water on us. Nothing to worry about at first but in a matter of 30 seconds there was hail stones and hard rain pelting down so we all had to run inside the restaurant. Everyone had to do the same so there were people packed in there just watching the rain fall. We could tell from one look at the sky that it was not going away anytime soon. We waited..and waited...and waited. We ended up waiting in the restaurant for close to an hour before deciding to brave it and run to the station. Of course I had decided to spend an hour straightening my hair the night before! We bolted through the puddles and got soaked but made it there. We were very happy to see that the underground was not flooded and the trains could still operate.We couldn't take a photo of the Ferris wheel let alone go on it so I had to make do with taking a picture off our menu - oh wait, actually thats the real deal guys! We had a very quite afternoon lying low in the cold and then made more salad for dinner. I caught the trains back to the Hostel that night while Sarah stayed at the apartment and had a night in. I chatted with some people that had been in various previous locations at the same time, met some girls from Chile and had a few drinks. Not too many as our bus would be leaving at 8am the next morning. All aboard to Salzburg/Tirol to see Daz, Petra and Klara!


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